Sunday 26th April to Saturday May 2nd

Monday 27th April

Yesterday was a good day; I went for a lovely walk in the sunny countryside, then I saw a beautiful conjunction of the crescent moon and the planet Venus together in the evening sky. It went cloudy a few minutes after I had my first view, which made me appreciate it more! Then I listened to a great talk from one of my favourite astrologers, Melanie Reinhart entitled ‘Our relationship with astrology.’ It was very good and made me think about astrology and what it means to me and how I use it, very interesting and thought provoking. She was talking about Urania who was one of the nine muses, she was the muse of astronomy. My hubbie took this photo of me in front of Urania last October when we went to Achilleion palace in Corfu.

Me posing with my large handbag in front of Urania, the Muse of Astronomy.

Saturday 25th April

Another week in lockdown and the weather has been fantastic here in Norfolk. I went to the supermarket today, the first time since lock-down and it was better than I had expected. I had to queue to get in , but only for a few minutes and I was lucky that the sun was shining whilst I did so, which made it quite an easy and pleasant experience. The shopping itself was fine, and I was served by a lovely, friendly sales assistant.

I have been continuing to work on my allotment and am happy to say that my seedlings are coming on well. We had a bit of a mishap with the climbing french beans but I planted some more which are now coming up so all is not lost!

This weekend there is a virtual astrology summit running organised by the astrology university. It is free to join and to watch live or up to 24 hours after each talk. Thank you astrology university for arranging this summit.

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 19th – Saturday April 25th

Thursday 23rd April

Today we start a new lunar cycle as we had a new moon in Taurus at 3.26 this morning. What do you want to start this month? Taurus is a creative, sensual sign and it is very determined. So it is good time to start something and commit to it.

Sunday 19th April

Today has been lovely here in Norfolk, beautiful bright sun but a very sharp wind. Luckily I found a little corner of my garden where I could hide out of the wind and in the sun. I’ve been busy potting on lots of veg seedlings which have been crowding our windowsills. They are now slowly going out into the polytunnel and I hope they will do OK. They are quite delicate little babies at the moment. They don’t like the wind or the cold and have to be handled with care, so I hope I have been gentle enough with them. We have cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and various squashes.

Today the sun moves from the first sign of the zodiac, Aries into the second sign of the zodiac; Taurus. This is a fixed sign, determined and creative. Taureans are very loyal, my best friend is a Taurus and we have been mates since school- a long time ago now! So I would like to wish all the Taureans a happy birthday. I hope you can find an enjoyable way to acknowledge your birthdays, cake is as good as any !! I love this time of year, it is such a beautiful season with all the flowering trees and shrubs blossoming and the hedges and trees turning green.

Blackthorn and oak

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 12th – Saturday April 18th

Saturday April 18th

We are still on lockdown here in the UK and now know that this will continue until at least May 7th. I do consider myself to be very fortunate in that we live in the country with a garden and an allotment. My heart goes out to those of you who can’t get outside.

On the whole this week, the weather has been good and my hubby and I have been going for walks watching everything come out into full bloom. The apples and bluebells are blooming in our small garden and our neighbour’s cherry tree is beautiful at the moment. I do enjoy these clear nights, as it is a fantastic time to see Venus which is so bright at the moment and clearly visible until well after sunset. If you can, look to the west to see it in all its brilliance. Did you know that the apple is part of the rose family and therefore connected to the goddess of love Venus? When you cut into an apple you get a 5 pointed star associated with Venus.

Apple blossom

I have the moon in Cancer, which makes me quite a domesticated home bird at heart, and over the years, I have had plenty of practice at putting food on the table. Since lock down, I have been cooking my way through the random stock of food that was (and still is) lurking in our cupboard. A while back my son had a bit of a Japanese phase and persuaded us to buy a job lot of sushi rice. He then made some sushi but the rest of it had been languishing in the cupboard for a good while. I decided to tackle it and discovered it can be used to make decent risotto! I also found a pot of elderly coconut which I have taken to adding to my porridge. It’s nice and chewy first thing in the morning!

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 5th – Saturday April 11th

Saturday 11th April

Today is Easter Saturday but not as we know it! No trips out or family visits. Luckily though I managed to get an Easter egg for my son before lock down so at least the Easter bunny can visit and bring choccie so all is not lost. Our hens are laying so we can get real eggs which is nice.

Easter eggs, symbols of new life.

Do you know how Easter is calculated? It is the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox. So we have to work backwards. This year, the spring equinox was on Friday March 20th. This was on a waning moon and the next full moon was on Wednesday 8th April, did you see it ? It was beautiful and very bright as it was a supermoon- close to the earth in its cycle. This moon was in Libra, the sign of relationships and balance and harmony opposite the sun in assertive Aries. This full moon is always a good time to asses our relationships with others and see how we interact. At the moment this is quite challenging and I know lots of people are apart from their loved ones whereas others may be seeing a little too much of theirs!

Also today, 11th April, Mercury planet of communication moves out of vague, mystical Pisces into direct assertive Aries. So this is a time to say what you mean, though do temper it with some Venusian grace if you can! Venus planet of love, grace and charm is in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury the messenger