Sunday 29th March – Saturday April 4th

Saturday 4th April

Day 12 of lock down and the restrictions continue. We are keeping to the rules, but I am feeling so fortunate here. The weather has been sunny if a little windy and we have been going for regular walks most days. We live out in the wilds and have a very beautiful lane just on our doorstep which we have been walking along quite regularly. It is lovely to see all the trees and flowers burst into life.

Horse chestnut tree

We are also lucky to have a village shop which I must admit to supporting more since lock down. I was very happy when I discovered they had tinned custard and malt loaf! They let people in two at a time and we all have to do a pas de deux of avoidance but it works well. Thank goodness too for contactless payment, that makes life easier.

Last week, I was invited by a five rhythms dance facilitator to join him in an online 5 rhythms of the wave, moving meditation dance session. It had been quite a long while since I had danced with him. He used to come to a village in North Norfolk just up the road from me and I attended his sessions for several years. Sadly, about two years ago, he decided to stop coming to Norfolk as he was not having enough people attend his classes and he travelled quite a long way to run them.

Well, 49 people showed up to the virtual session, we tuned in from our homes from all over the UK and we had an online dance and it worked and I loved it. So did everyone else by the look of it because yesterday there were 57! I’m looking forward to next week! So keep safe in these very difficult times and thank you to all the people who are working so hard to keep the country going.

Friday 3rd April,

Today Venus, planet of love, relationships and pleasure moves into chatty, media savvy Gemini yesterday. Gemini also rules your immediate neighbourhood and shops. , the internet and social media -there are lots of messages flying around at the moment. I really appreciate modern technology , it is brilliant for connecting us all and I am impressed by how inventive people are being. I am certainly having my technological knowledge challenged and expanded!


Tuesday 31st March

Today Mars which has been gaining on Saturn, is making an exact conjunction (at the same degree of the zodiac) to the heavy weight task master planet. This is a challenging aspect, as Mars wants to act and Saturn wants to control, and it is a frustrating time. Unfortunately, there are many people who are overworking out of necessity, doing a wonderful job keeping the rest of the country afloat. This is exhausting and incredibly demanding for them.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mars-conjunct-Saturn-1024x426.jpg
Mars conjunct Saturn

Paradoxically, there are also as many other people who have suddenly found themselves unable to work as their industries have ground to a halt. I know some of them have managed to find work in the vital industries, this in itself must be a challenge, being thrown in at the deep end.

Overall, it appears that the best way forward is to continue to be controlled and patient, pace ourselves, be realistic and keep going. This is all easier said than done. On a lighter – or at this rate, heavier note I must admit to hitting the custard creams quite hard this week, uh oh! So far my jeans still do up, it is a good job I only bought one packet of biscuits. I read an article by an Italian lady and she said we would we eat whilst in lock down and she was right!

Monday 30th March

Well it’s day 7 of the UK’s lockdown and yesterday I decided to paint on a load of stones that I had collected a while back. I decorated each one with an astrological glyph including all the planets and several planetary aspects. I had a lovely time painting away whilst listening to old favourites such as Gerry Rafferty and Eva Cassidy. A morning well spent I think!

painting in progress

I have started to photograph these stones and upload them onto my computer. This has turned into quite a big job, mainly because I had a ton of photos on my phone which desperately needed sorting and culling. After beginning to sort through them systematically I came to the realization that I mainly photograph food, the moon, flowers, the cat, beaches and occasionally my husband! I can now add stones which I have painted to my list of photographic favourites.

Today Mars, planet of action, passion and anger has moved from practical Capricorn into airy Aquarius. So this could lead to feelings of rebellion and a need for freedom. On the plus side, it can also encourage us to act out of consideration for others. At the moment the news and social media are full of stories of people doing just that. Here in the UK there has been a huge response to Government’s request for volunteers to help with the NHS, delivering medicines, telephoning vulnerable people , etc.

Mars is also the planet of war and I have heard the term ‘fighting the virus’ used regularly. The fight against this virus continues and we cannot let up!

Just a note, if you can get a view of the South Eastern horizon tomorrow morning 31st March-before it gets light then look out for Mars Saturn and Jupiter all together. The sun rises at 6.37 am so you will need to be an early riser.

Sunday 29th March

Last week was a very unusual and challenging one as this invisible killer of a disease is taking a grip here in the UK.

Saturn planet of responsibly and restriction

I was getting quite scared at the beginning of last week but I am relieved to say that my anxiety levels have settled down, thank goodness and we are observing the restrictions set in place by the government. We are lucky, we are all still well at the moment in our family and my hubby works from home. We also live in rural Norfolk so we can get out and walk in our local countryside. Even my son who is never keen on the out doors has been for a walk or two! I think even he got tired of the internet – no surely not!

We also had lovely weather last week, and we’ve been working in our veggie plot, it has never looked so tidy! Today we went out for our daily Boris walk and even though the wind was cutting we still got a bit of sun. The black thorn is coming out, sprinkling the hedgerows with white blossom.

I have had a few firsts this week-

I attended an online new moon drum session via Zoom -well I tried to, I got in OK and the lady who runs it was just about to start when my internet connection went down. Still, it was an initiation into Zoom which is great by the way! If you don’t know it is an online forum where people can meet up and run groups etc. It has suddenly become very popular!

I attended an online 5 rhythms class via Zoom and manged to last the whole session, that was fun prancing around my kitchen with 48 other virtual participants. My son nearly joined me then decided against it!

I bought vegetables and fruit from my local farm shop in lockdown by passing my order and money through the window and then waiting for them to make it up for me. Luckily it was a lovely warm morning so I sat in the sun in their yard- 6 feet away from the other customers waiting for my order. It was all very calm and organised. I even met one of my neighbours who I hadn’t seen for a while and we had a socially distanced chat.

Astrologically, on 21st March Saturn, planet of restrictions, rules and reality moved from earthy practical Capricorn where it has been for two and a half years, into society orientated Aquarius. It will be in Aquarius for the next two and a half years. How will this pan out?

Well, right now, this is certainly a time for us all to behave responsibly. We have to restrict (Saturn) our social interactions (Aquarius) for own own safety and those of other people. A lot of people who are not key workers are suddenly not working. We are all now very reliant upon our NHS which we need to protect as it is doing a fantastic job through incredibly challenging times.

A few weeks ago it would have seemed unbelievable to be in lock down but here we are. I know some people find these social distancing rules very difficult whereas others are enjoying the peace and time to relax. I would definitely struggle if I couldn’t get outside, I am lucky to have access to outside space. Also, we don’t know how long this is going to take, Saturn takes its time.

I am also very impressed with how inventive and adaptable people are. The internet is certainly getting a lot of use at the moment and that is associated with the sign of Aquarius as it is new technology. I for one am very grateful to the internet. I also know that quite a lot of us have had to overcome our fears (Saturn) of using technology in order to connect with people in the virtual world.

Another Aquarian theme which has arisen in this crisis is kindnesses and a sense of community. There is a strong sense that we are all in this together and are all helping one another. Long may this sense of camaraderie continue in this very scary and difficult time.

Talking of kindness, I would like to thank all the people who are working so hard in this crisis to keep to the rest of us going, all carers, everyone in the NHS, all the undertakers, police, food producers, shop workers, lorry drivers, delivery drivers, post workers, electricity, water, phone workers, refuse collectors, and everyone else who is just getting on with their vital work.

Thank you.

Sunday 22nd March – Saturday 28th March

Tuesday 24th March

Today is the new moon in Aries, when the sun and the Moon join together in the sky and a new cycle starts and what a new cycle! Unprecedented is the word that many people have been using. Today the UK has gone into lock down to try and combat this virus which is sweeping the world. It is very scary and a month ago here in the UK we were thinking about the physical storms, not a health storm. Luckily the weather has been lovely and we have thrown ourselves into gardening here in rural Norfolk.

We are very lucky to have a plot of land to grow our veggies on and we have a poly tunnel and share some chickens with our neighbours.

Sunday and Monday moving fruit bushes and preparing our seed beds in readiness to plant the seeds which I bought last Thursday when it was looking pretty clear that a UK lock-down was imminent.

This afternoon I had a new moon fire and burnt a load of old pallets, garden rubbish and bits of wood that had accumulated over the winter. It was appropriate Aries; is a fire sign and it was very therapeutic I must admit to feeling quite stressed about this virus and how its affecting everyone. Just sitting on the bench watching the flames engulf the wood and feeling the heat creep into my legs felt very reassuring.

I came back to the house stinking of smoke! After washing myself and all my clothes I felt cleansed physically and emotionally. My new moon commitment for this month is to nurture my support system; that my family, friends, home, body and community. We certainly can’t go rushing around all over the place, we need to have a new way of connecting with each other, thank goodness for the internet in all its many forms!

New Moon in Aries – Fire

Sunday 15th March – Saturday 21st March

Thursday 19th March

I hope you are all OK and coping with this virus. A lot has happened in 4 days, here in the UK following Monday’s announcement by the government, people are practising social distancing and where necessary social isolation. Virtually all social events have been cancelled or postponed, including the various talks I was booked to do and the Norfolk Astrology Association meeting in April. I have had updated my events page in response to this.

We are lucky here in Norfolk in that we are quite remote and mainly work from home. I have also managed to shop in my little local shops and get the essentials, including crisps!

The schools are now closing to most pupils , my son’s school is providing online work for the pupils from Monday.

Astrologically, the sun is in the final degrees of gentle sensitive Pisces. It will move into passionate proactive Aries tomorrow morning. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the first. When the sun moves into Aries, this is the Spring Equinox which indicates a new year in astrology and astronomy. Usually this is a joyous, happy time when we look forward to spring. This year, things are little different, as this situation is highly scary and to quote a few people ‘unprecedented’. However, I am a Sagittarius whose nature is to look on the bright side, well normally, I have been stressing a bit of late.

At the moment there is an awful lot of planetary activity in Capricorn the sign of business, the establishment and tradition. In January we had the conjunction (joining) of Pluto planet of change and transformation and Saturn, the planet which rules Capricorn. As Capricorn and Saturn and linked, they represent similar themes, Saturn is all about rules, traditions, restrictions, limits and long term plans. It also represents fear, especially of the unknown. Mars planet of action and Jupiter planet of expansion are also joining Saturn and Pluto. So this suggests that action is needed for us to combat this disease and cope with it. I am impressed by how people are supporting one another and working together and thinking ahead. I am also very appreciative and respectful of all the people who are caring for the sick and providing essential services. This is a time to pull together. Thank you.

Pisces, gentle, compassionate and free flowing.

Sunday 15th March

On a global scale, this week has been a very difficult one with the coronavirus spreading rapidly. On a local level, it has now reached the hospitals in Norfolk. Its full impact is yet to be seen and people are predicting that it will continue to affect us for at least several months.

Astrologically, in January this year we had a conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This was an indication that structures were due to change. This is happening , and the financial affects are just beginning. Added to that, Neptune the planet associated with viruses, mystery and the masses is making its way through its own sign of flowing watery Pisces.

This virus is spreading and forcing us to change, to think about our interactions with others. Loads of events have already been cancelled and we are now looking to our governments to see what strategies they can use to help us all to cope with this epidemic. On an individual level, we are all now having to think about regularly washing our hands and to avoid touching our faces. My nails are certainly looking better than they have done in a while!

It is a time to be considerate of each other, there has been panic buying as people are stocking up on essentials, concerned over having to be isolated. I wish you all wisdom over this challenging time.

Capricorn – practical responsible and traditional.

Sunday 8th March – Saturday 14th March

Monday 9th March It’s the full moon tonight, it rises at 17.35 and is exactly full fifteen minutes later at 17:48. So if you get a chance and a clear evening, pop out soon to have a look. It will be a large ‘supermoon’ because it is at its closest point in its orbit around the earth. The sun is in gentle watery Pisces meaning that the moon is in its opposite sign of careful analytical Virgo. Full moons are always a time when issues come to a head. The sun is also making a close aspect to its ruler inspirational Neptune. You could get inspired to be creative. It’s also a good time to be compassionate and helpful to others. However, don’t take everything at face value and be prepared to carefully check the details before you rush in!

Sunday 8th March

Today is International Women’s Day and appropriately, my friend Tuesday Simmonds of Wombon Feminine Wellness opened her healing studio in Melton Constable in Norfolk this morning. She is offering all sorts of healing and therapies. At the open day we celebrated Tuesday’s hard work of transforming the space from building site in to welcoming relaxing studio. There was lots of fun, chat, tea and biscuits and enthusiasm. Thank you Tuesday and good luck with your new venture. You have created a wonderful healing space.

Sunday March 1st – Saturday March 7th

Thursday 5th March

How are communications going for you? Mercury, planet of communication is currently retrograde as it moves from evening ‘star’ to morning ‘star’. Yesterday – 4th March, it moved back from Pisces into Aquarius, I was just writing about it last night when our electricity failed and we were plunged into darkness! My post was lost, but I hadn’t written much! Oh well, that’s Mercury retrograde for you, we were lucky in that we had finished eating so we sat in the candle light and fire light and played Scrabble and supped sloe gin. There’s always a silver lining! Again we were fortunate as the power was back on by bed time.

Today Venus, planet of love and affection is moving into its own sign of earthy, sensual Taurus. This is a good time to really enjoy the sensual things in life, like nice food and art. As it has been mild, all the spring flowers are out here including; primroses, daffodils and celandines. Yesterday they were basking in the warmth. Today is a different story, as the wind is rather chilly, still we can still enjoy their beauty. Ah well, here’s to the good times and spring warmth!

Sunday 1st March

Today in Wales it is St David’s day, a day of celebration in Wales, celebrating all things Welsh. I now live a long way from Wales, in the East of England, but I spent six happy years in North Wales. The flower associated with Wales is the daffodil. I love daffodils I think they are such cheerful beautiful flowers. This year, it is so mild that the daffodils are out in the gardens already. One fell over in the wind the other day and I rescued it, its delicate scent is filling my dining room with the promise of spring.