Sunday 5th January Saturday -11th January

Saturday 11th January 2020

I have had a great afternoon working with Victoria and her team at the NARS make up department in Jarrolds Norwich. We teamed up to have a make up and astrology day where we looked at astrology and colour. What colours are linked to your zodiac sign and how can you use them to look fab? Thank you ladies for inviting me along to this lovely event.

Friday 10th January

I am feeling very blessed, after a grey start the day went clear and we had a fabulous evening, perfect for moon watching. The moon was so bright and the fields behind our house were all silver and shimmering in the mist. I went out around 7pm and could easily see my way around in the moon light. At maximum shadow there was a slight dimming of the disc of the moon but as it was a penumberal (partial ) eclipse it was only subtle, nothing like the full on blood moon that you get at a total lunar eclipse. The whole scene was very beautiful and the moon cast inky black shadows of the trees onto the silvered ribbon of the lane. I did remember to take a torch just in case a car came so I could make sure they saw me, I wanted to live to tell the tale! I took this photo earlier, as it was rising around 4.45pm

Full moon in Cancer rising

Monday 6th January

We are into our first full week of January and we have a lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday 10th. It is a partial eclipse, so the earth’s shadow will not cover all of the full moon, but it is visible from the UK. The eclipse starts around 5pm and peaks around 7pm. I am hoping for clear skies!

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