Sunday 26th January – Saturday February 1st

Saturday 1st February

Thank you to all who came to today’s meeting. As usual we had a good discussion. Thank you to Pat for leading a discussion about Uranus in Taurus specifically relating to earth quakes and Yellowstone park USA. Here is the reference which I promised to the group about the Uranus in Taurus article printed in The Mountain Astrologer issue 203 Feb/March 2019 pages 25- 31 by Ray Merriman. It is entitled
‘Uranus in Taurus, The “New Normal” Becomes Abnormal’

‘This lightly edited excerpt is taken from Ray Merriman’s book, ‘Forecast 2019′ , Seek it Publications 2018’ Quoted from The Mountain Astrologer.

Our next meeting is Saturday 7th March 2020 at 1.45pm- 3.45pm at Guist Post Office cafe. Ellen will be leading the session and bringing her chart to the group for people to discuss.

Monday January 26th

Hello, I had a good weekend; Saturday night I went out to Norwich to an event organised by ‘soulshine’ called ‘waking the wolf” which was a story telling event by Suzanne ‘the story weaver’, a lovely evening, and to make it really great they had cake and unusual teas; pomegranate and blood orange, really nice!

This coming Saturday 1st February we have our astrology group Norfolk Astrology Association meeting at Guist Post Office 1.45- 3.45pm.

Pat is leading the session looking at Uranus, planet of sudden change in its current move through earthy Taurus. She is looking at it in relation to volcanoes and has 3 charts she would like us to discuss. They are all of volcanoes which erupted recently, within 3 days of Uranus turning direct at 01.48 GMT on 11th Jan 2020.

Each chart is set for 12 noon local time on the day of eruption as it is impossible to know exactly when they started to erupt. These are:

1 Popocatepepetl volcano at Puebla Mexico 98w12 19N03
12 noon 9th Jan 2020

2 Taal Volcano Talisay Phillipines 122E58 10N44 12 noon 12th January 2020

3 Sakurajima volcano at Kagoshima 130E33 31N34 in Japan 12 noon 13th January 2020

Sunday 19th January – Saturday 25th January

Friday 24th January 2020

Have you been feeling a bit low and flat over the last couple of days? The moon is right in the last waning phase ready to start a new lunar cycle and at this time we can often feel lethargic. This evening we have a new moon in Aquarius,with the sun and the moon coming together both at the same degree of the zodiac. This marks the beginning of a new cycle; Aquarius is the sign of cutting edge ideas and new inventions so if you want to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, now is a good time to go for it. Also, Aquarius is a fixed sign; Aquarians are highly determined folk. What do you want to start and keep going with this month?

Wednesday January 22nd

I’ve had a productive meeting today with Gini Harrison , yoga teacher. We’ve been planning our yoga and astrology event for Saturday March 7th – Opening up to Spring at Kelling Yoga studio.

Monday 20th January

Have you noticed that the days are slowly lengthening? Today after such a beautiful bright day it was really noticeable that we had more light in the evening than a couple of weeks ago. We also had a beautiful sunrise here in Norfolk and a great view of the waning crescent moon quite low in the south this morning. Today the sun moves from serious, earthy Capricorn into humanitarian and individualistic air sign Aquarius. It joins Mercury planet of communication, so this is a time to embrace new ideas, think outside the box and embrace your inner rebel. Happy Birthday to all you Aquarians, long may you keep those bright ideas coming!

Sunday 12th January- Saturday 18th January

Friday 17th January

I am happy to say that my talk ‘A Zip Round The Zodiac’ to a Norfolk group went off well last night and there was quite a large group of ladies. I was highly impressed with the turnout on a wild windy night in deepest Norfolk; thank you for having me.

Thursday 16th January

Mercury, planet of communication moves out of Capricorn and starts to pull away from the cluster of other planets all in Capricorn; Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This lightens the mood a bit, especially when it comes to communication as Aquarius is a detached, free thinking air sign. It’s good time for bright ideas and even flashes of inspiration and with all that Capricornian earth energy around, we may even feel like putting our ideas into practice and finding a new way of doing things.

Sunday 12th January 2020

Today we have the long awaited conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn. There is a lot of fear around this conjunction and to me it is about being responsible and honest, both individually and collectively so we can grow and transform, not an easy task!

Sunday 5th January Saturday -11th January

Saturday 11th January 2020

I have had a great afternoon working with Victoria and her team at the NARS make up department in Jarrolds Norwich. We teamed up to have a make up and astrology day where we looked at astrology and colour. What colours are linked to your zodiac sign and how can you use them to look fab? Thank you ladies for inviting me along to this lovely event.

Friday 10th January

I am feeling very blessed, after a grey start the day went clear and we had a fabulous evening, perfect for moon watching. The moon was so bright and the fields behind our house were all silver and shimmering in the mist. I went out around 7pm and could easily see my way around in the moon light. At maximum shadow there was a slight dimming of the disc of the moon but as it was a penumberal (partial ) eclipse it was only subtle, nothing like the full on blood moon that you get at a total lunar eclipse. The whole scene was very beautiful and the moon cast inky black shadows of the trees onto the silvered ribbon of the lane. I did remember to take a torch just in case a car came so I could make sure they saw me, I wanted to live to tell the tale! I took this photo earlier, as it was rising around 4.45pm

Full moon in Cancer rising

Monday 6th January

We are into our first full week of January and we have a lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday 10th. It is a partial eclipse, so the earth’s shadow will not cover all of the full moon, but it is visible from the UK. The eclipse starts around 5pm and peaks around 7pm. I am hoping for clear skies!