Sunday 8th December – Saturday 14th December

Thursday 12th December

We have a full moon in Gemini today opposing the sun in Sagittarius. Gemini is a logical, rational sign ruled by Mercury the communicator and messenger of the zodiac.
Sagittarius, its opposite sign is a passionate, impulsive fire sign ruled by generous , but opinionated Jupiter. This combination is all about ideas, beliefs and communication. It is appropriate today that here in the UK it is election day. After all the hype, it is time to make a decision.

Sunday December 8th

We had a good time yesterday at our Xmas meal at Sculthorpe Mill. It wasn’t the easiest place to find and some of our party had a spot of bother finding the place but we all got there in the end! I have a knack of choosing out of the way places. 😉

The food was lovely with very generous portions and the staff looked after us well. We had the whole upstairs floor to ourselves! Thank you to everyone who came. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (and decade!) to all. See you in January, our next meeting is on Saturday 4th January at our usual venue; Guist Post Office and Cafe. Definitely easier to find than the mill.

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