Sunday 22nd December – Saturday 28th December

Thursday December 26th

Happy Boxing day, we are on a bit of a slow start here in our house today.

Astrologically, we have moved into a new moon cycle, with a new moon in Capricorn at 4.54 am GMT this morning. This is an extra special new moon as it is a solar eclipse, where the sun and moon and earth are all in direct alignment so the moon’s shadow passes over the sun blocking it out. It was not visible here in the UK ; we were not directly in the path of the eclipse. It was visible in Asia and parts of Australia, Africa and Eastern Europe. This was an annular eclipse, where the disc of the moon appears slightly smaller than the sun so it produces a ‘ring of fire’ effect with the light showing round the edges.

Eclipses are a sign of endings and beginnings, a rebooting of energy. This one is the last of the year and the decade. So definitely a time to let go of things we no longer need. This eclipse is in the practical, organised sign of Capricorn which is very much about planning and making goals for the long term. It is conjunct Jupiter, planet of luck, enthusiasm and hope. So if you are thinking of having a review of your year this is a great time to do it. Big goals can be achieved slowly, one step at a time!

Tuesday 24th December- Xmas Eve

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you to all of you who have supported Broad Sky Astrology throughout the year and to all of you who have attended my workshops, had readings with me. Thank you also to Let’s Talk for publishing my regular Star Talk articles. I am very lucky to be able to share my love of astrology. Let the festivities begin.

Sunday 22nd December

I am back from a lovely relaxing morning of yoga and astrology for the winter solstice at the beautiful Kelling Studio. Thank you to Gini Harrison for working with me and leading us in some very relaxing yoga poses. Thank you too to everyone who came and joined us in our morning. I love sharing my astrology knowledge, especially at Kelling studio, it is a beautiful space and it has underfloor heating, so nice and cosy at this time of year.

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