Sunday 1st December – Saturday 7th December

Thursday December 5th

Christmas is fast approaching and I am looking forward to the Norfolk Astrology Association’s first Christmas meal out at Sculthorpe Mill near Fakenham. It’s this coming Saturday 7th December- bring on the lunch!

Monday 2nd December

Jupiter, planet of luck, generosity, faith and exaggeration is the ruler of upbeat Sagittarius. It has been moving through this sign for a year since November 9th 2018. Today- December 2nd, it moves into the next sign of the Zodiac , serious hardworking Capricorn. So all you Capricorns out there, look for a boost of enthusiasm and hope for the next year or so, until December 18th 2020.

As a Saggie I have enjoyed this boost of enthusiasm and optimism and I am lucky to say that I’ve had a pretty good year. I have enjoyed running astrology workshops, collaborating with other people, presenting talks, doing individual consultations, writing about astrology and generally sharing my astrology knowledge.

Jupiter is nowhere near as comfortable in Capricorn as in Sagittarius, as that Jupiterian optimism can be dampened by Capricorn’s seriousness. However, on the up side, Capricorn is highly realistic and this combination of vision and pragmatism can encourage us to make things happen.

So this coming year with Jupiter in Capricorn it is time to work to put our knowledge and grand plans into practice. If we’ve had lucky breaks this year, (as I did!) now is the time to build on them, keep going and focus on our projects and goals.

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