Sunday December 29th- Saturday 4th January 2020

Tuesday 31st December

Happy New Year! Bring on 2020 and the next decade!

Sunday 29th December 2019

Mercury planet of communication moves from distractable fire sign Sagittarius ♐ into focused hard working Capricorn ♑. It joins a host of other planets; the Sun 🌞 Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a time to plan and look to the long term, what are your goals and how can you work towards reaching them?

Sunday 22nd December – Saturday 28th December

Thursday December 26th

Happy Boxing day, we are on a bit of a slow start here in our house today.

Astrologically, we have moved into a new moon cycle, with a new moon in Capricorn at 4.54 am GMT this morning. This is an extra special new moon as it is a solar eclipse, where the sun and moon and earth are all in direct alignment so the moon’s shadow passes over the sun blocking it out. It was not visible here in the UK ; we were not directly in the path of the eclipse. It was visible in Asia and parts of Australia, Africa and Eastern Europe. This was an annular eclipse, where the disc of the moon appears slightly smaller than the sun so it produces a ‘ring of fire’ effect with the light showing round the edges.

Eclipses are a sign of endings and beginnings, a rebooting of energy. This one is the last of the year and the decade. So definitely a time to let go of things we no longer need. This eclipse is in the practical, organised sign of Capricorn which is very much about planning and making goals for the long term. It is conjunct Jupiter, planet of luck, enthusiasm and hope. So if you are thinking of having a review of your year this is a great time to do it. Big goals can be achieved slowly, one step at a time!

Tuesday 24th December- Xmas Eve

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you to all of you who have supported Broad Sky Astrology throughout the year and to all of you who have attended my workshops, had readings with me. Thank you also to Let’s Talk for publishing my regular Star Talk articles. I am very lucky to be able to share my love of astrology. Let the festivities begin.

Sunday 22nd December

I am back from a lovely relaxing morning of yoga and astrology for the winter solstice at the beautiful Kelling Studio. Thank you to Gini Harrison for working with me and leading us in some very relaxing yoga poses. Thank you too to everyone who came and joined us in our morning. I love sharing my astrology knowledge, especially at Kelling studio, it is a beautiful space and it has underfloor heating, so nice and cosy at this time of year.

Sunday December 15th – Saturday December 21st

Saturday 21st December 2019

I’ve just been out to close my chickens up for the night and was treated to the lovely sight of beautiful Venus low and bright in the south western sky. If you want to catch a glimpse have a look now as it is heading towards the horizon and is setting soon.

After all the rain and cloud of the previous few days I really enjoyed seeing her. Venus is the third brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon and has been mistaken for a low flying aircraft! Around 5000 years ago the Sumerians (who lived in what is now modern Iraq) worshiped Venus as their goddess Inanna and knew her cycles and that she appeared both as a morning ‘star’ and an evening ‘star’. Currently Venus is ‘lady of the evening

Friday 20th December

Today Venus, planet of love and attachment moves into detached, principled Aquarius. This combination is great for spreading ‘goodwill to men’ (and women too!) as in the Christmas carol ‘It came upon a midnight clear’. As the festive season begins in earnest now is a time to give, to those close to us and to others in our communities. Thank you to everyone who has given to me over the year, whether that be your time and skills, or gifts or help, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Monday December 16th

As the dust has settled on Thursday’s election here in the UK it looks like Brexit will go ahead. The change is happening bringing with it uncertainty and worry. The Pluto Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, the sign of business and tradition is looming and this will occur on 12th January. This is a time of change and transformation (Pluto); breaking down the old systems and structures(Saturn) that are no longer working and waiting for new ones to emerge.

Countries can have astrological charts and the UK was created on 1st January 1801.This chart has the sun in Capricorn and the moon in Cancer, so this union was around the full moon, a few hours after the exact full moon.

There are two eclipses coming up soon; a solar eclipse in Capricorn on 26th December and two weeks later on 10th January a lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon in Cancer opposes the sun which will still be in Capricorn. It will be worth observing these dates as our exit from the European union unfolds.

Sunday 8th December – Saturday 14th December

Thursday 12th December

We have a full moon in Gemini today opposing the sun in Sagittarius. Gemini is a logical, rational sign ruled by Mercury the communicator and messenger of the zodiac.
Sagittarius, its opposite sign is a passionate, impulsive fire sign ruled by generous , but opinionated Jupiter. This combination is all about ideas, beliefs and communication. It is appropriate today that here in the UK it is election day. After all the hype, it is time to make a decision.

Sunday December 8th

We had a good time yesterday at our Xmas meal at Sculthorpe Mill. It wasn’t the easiest place to find and some of our party had a spot of bother finding the place but we all got there in the end! I have a knack of choosing out of the way places. 😉

The food was lovely with very generous portions and the staff looked after us well. We had the whole upstairs floor to ourselves! Thank you to everyone who came. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (and decade!) to all. See you in January, our next meeting is on Saturday 4th January at our usual venue; Guist Post Office and Cafe. Definitely easier to find than the mill.

Sunday 1st December – Saturday 7th December

Thursday December 5th

Christmas is fast approaching and I am looking forward to the Norfolk Astrology Association’s first Christmas meal out at Sculthorpe Mill near Fakenham. It’s this coming Saturday 7th December- bring on the lunch!

Monday 2nd December

Jupiter, planet of luck, generosity, faith and exaggeration is the ruler of upbeat Sagittarius. It has been moving through this sign for a year since November 9th 2018. Today- December 2nd, it moves into the next sign of the Zodiac , serious hardworking Capricorn. So all you Capricorns out there, look for a boost of enthusiasm and hope for the next year or so, until December 18th 2020.

As a Saggie I have enjoyed this boost of enthusiasm and optimism and I am lucky to say that I’ve had a pretty good year. I have enjoyed running astrology workshops, collaborating with other people, presenting talks, doing individual consultations, writing about astrology and generally sharing my astrology knowledge.

Jupiter is nowhere near as comfortable in Capricorn as in Sagittarius, as that Jupiterian optimism can be dampened by Capricorn’s seriousness. However, on the up side, Capricorn is highly realistic and this combination of vision and pragmatism can encourage us to make things happen.

So this coming year with Jupiter in Capricorn it is time to work to put our knowledge and grand plans into practice. If we’ve had lucky breaks this year, (as I did!) now is the time to build on them, keep going and focus on our projects and goals.