Sunday 24th November – Saturday 30th November

Saturday 30th November

I’m a happy bunny! Last night after all that rain and cloud we had a clear evening and I finally managed to see Venus. We were trying to spot it at our Inanna workshop last Sunday but it was hidden by dense clouds. Last night however, I got lucky. I saw the lovely crescent moon quite low on the horizon just as it was getting dark a beautiful sight in its own right. I always think that first sighting of the new crescent moon is exciting and a sign of promise.

I knew Venus was lower than the moon and we live in a bit of a dip with no clear view of the south western horizon so I drove half a mile or so onto the main road where you can get a clear view and as I headed up the hill, there was bright Venus twinkling enticingly. I was happy and drove safely and stopping in a layby to get a good view. The things I do in my planet hunting – I then went to the farm shop for mushrooms to justify my trip out! 😉

Tonight is also clear and the moon is visible now in the South west a beautiful crescent, slightly fuller than last night it’s quite cloudy on the horizon to see Venus,and it will soon set so you get a short window of opportunity to see it. If you’re looking, good luck! If you don’t see Venus the moon is lovely, I adore that combination of blue and silver.

This image is my version of the 8 pointed star, symbol of Inanna, the ancient Sumerian goddess of love. She was Sumeria’s Venus.

Tuesday 26th November

Venus planet of love moves from generous, enthusiastic Sagittarius into serious Capricorn. This can be a bit of bump, a morning after type of feeling. On the plus side, Sagittarius can go over the top whereas Capricorn is all about reality. So on the run up to Christmas Venus in Capricorn can help us to be sensible in our approach to the festive season. It is very easy to go overboard and overspend particularly when we are being encouraged by glossy adverts to buy buy buy. I can get a bit excitable in my local supermarket!

Venus in Capricorn ties in with the rise with a responsible and considered attitude to gift giving. So it is worth taking time to think what your nearest and dearest would really like, this may well be time spent with them rather than fancy presents. So watch out family, I’ll be round to bother you with my homemade recycled presents. I have plenty of rubber bands, string and imagination..! 😉

Astrologically, it is a busy day today as in addition to Venus moving into Capricorn we have a new moon in Sagittarius. New moons indicate a new beginning of another new cycle. This is a good time to harness the Sagittarian enthusiasm and set your intention for this lunar month. Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, so loosen your bow and shoot those arrows off. Remember, with Venus in Capricorn keep those intentions realistic and be prepared to work towards your goals.

Monday 25th November

Well this is what we were hoping to see last night in Norfolk- Jupiter conjunct Venus! I’m going to try again tonight, they will still be quite close to one another but are gradually parting company; definitely worth a look though.Venus will continue to grace our evening skies in the coming months so look out for a bright ‘star’ in the West after sunset. Astrologically Jupiter conjunct Venus is a time of generosity and sharing of love and kindness.

Sunday 24th November

I’m very happy to say that our event Inanna’s Descent went well and we had a lovely day at Bawdeswell Village Hall.
Thank you to Tuesday Simmonds for working with me and all the ladies who joined us. We were hoping to spot the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter but unfortunately it was too cloudy. Instead, I came away with this beautiful rose which is a symbol of the goddess; you can’t win them all!

Sunday 17th November- Saturday 23rd November

Friday 22nd November

The sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius today marking the start of Sagittarius season today. So happy birthday to my fellow Saggies. I have quite a few Sagittarius friends, I always have lots of cards to send at this time of year. Here’s my ‘Star Talk’ for Sagittarius in December’s Issue of Let’sTalk magazine

Tuesday November 19th

Mars planet of action moves into deep decisive Scorpio today. Mars is much happier in Scorpio than it is in Libra. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio along with the modern ruler, Pluto. This placement signifies courage and determined action. When Mars is in Scorpio it is a good time to cut the faff and get straight to the point! So if there’s something you have been putting off, now is the time to start to put your plan into action. This will be helped tomorrow as Mercury planet of communication – also in Scorpio is turning direct. So it may be that secrets and issues are coming to light which help you make a decision and give you the opportunity to move forward. A word of warning, be sure of your action because with Mars in Scorpio what’s done is done!

Sunday November 17th

How are you doing with the current Mercury retrograde? So far I’ve been quite lucky, I had an unexpected win on a local prize draw. I’ve also found a couple of charity shop bargains, I’m pleased with them but thy were not quite what I was thinking of buying, I was hoping for a long floaty skirt. I actually landed up with a smart brown skirt and a red tunic- not to be worn together! I’ve now got 2 new outfits thanks to a couple of purchases from my favourite shop – M and S. Expect the unexpected when Mercury is retrograde!

Sunday 10th November- Saturday 16th November

Monday 11th November

Today we have the conjunction of Mercury, planet of communication and the sun. It is an interior conjunction- Mercury is between us and the sun. At this particular conjunction, the Sun, Mercury and earth are in exact alignment. This makes it possible to see the transit of Mercury and observe the tiny messenger planet scampering across the face of the giant sun. Although Mercury regularly makes interior conjunctions to the sun it is rare that the 3 heavenly bodies are all lined up so that the transit is visible. The next visible one is in November 2032! A word of warning, you must never look directly at the sun and the safest way to see a transit is by projecting the image onto card. However as with all sky watching you need a clear sky. Unfortunately, there is – not much chance of that here in Norfolk today. Still, you can always use the virtual telescope project if you would like to see it. I do love modern technology!

Sunday 3rd November – Saturday 9th November

Sunday 3rd November

We had a great meeting on Saturday at Guist Post office and cafe. Thank you to Joyce for your informative and well researched session about the ascendant, sun and moon in the chart. It gave us plenty to think about and discuss. Thank you to everyone who came and welcome to our new members.

I’m happy to say that booking is well underway for December’s Xmas meal at Sculthorpe Mill on Saturday 7th December at 2pm. The menu looks fab, I struggled to decide! Most people have chosen their options and paid their deposit to me which is great! I will take it all to the Mill next week, I am aiming to go on Wednesday November the 13th so if you’d like to join us and haven’t booked please contact me before that date. Details of the menu are in the event page under December’s meeting for the NAA.

Cakes at Guist Post Office Cafe- photo from

January’s meeting is on Saturday 4th January at Guist Post Office and Cafe. Liam will lead the session and we will be looking at the long awaited Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which is coming up on Sunday 12th January.