Sunday 4th August to Saturday 10th August 2019

Saturday 10th August

We had a great day today and I was really excited because we went to the British Museum in London and saw The Queen of The night relief. This is a clay tablet of a Sumerian goddess, no one knows exactly who she is, some (like me) think she is Inanna, others that she is Lilith. She’s definitely sexy, powerful and bigger than I thought! I made my own copy to illustrate my talk about Inanna, so it is great to see the original.

Sunday 4th August

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Norfolk Astrological Association We had a lovely afternoon yesterday discussing astrology in Pat’s beautiful wood. We were pleased to welcome four new people to the group. Thank you to Liam for providing us with two very interesting charts those of the launch of Apollo 11 and the engineer Wherner von Braun who built the rocket Saturn 5. Thank you too to Pat for your generous hospitality which included lots of tea and nice cake😍

There will not be a meeting in September as most of us are busy that weekend. Our next meeting will be Saturday October 5th. The theme is yet to be decided. I will post on here when we have decided what it will be.

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