Sunday 25th August to Saturday August 31st

Friday 30th August

Today we have a new moon. This is the second new moon in a calendar month which happens occasionally. The last new moon was in Leo on the 1st August and this one is in the following sign of Virgo. New moons happen every 28 days when the sun and moon and earth all line up together. They signify new beginnings and are good time to set intentions and remind ourselves of what we need to do. As the sun is in Virgo, this new moon is in Virgo, so now we have 3 planets and the two luminaries (sun and moon) all in Virgo

As I have been saying for the past week or so, Virgo is the sign of detail, it is also the sign related to health and cleanliness, so it’s a good time to make adjustments to our habits to improve our both physical and emotional health. Anyone for fresh home grown veg?


Thursday 29th August

This morning a fourth planet moves into the sign of Virgo, this is Mercury the messenger. Mercury is an interior planet – it is situated between us and the sun. When viewed from earth, it is always quite close to the sun, the furthest it can be is 28 degrees. So mythologically it is the messenger keeping the king informed as to what is happening. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo and works really well there. This is a great time to get into the details and to work out what needs to be done, to write letters and lists.. So if you want to do some planning in a methodical and organised way, now is a good time to do it! I am planning and preparing for an exciting jointly run workshop in November- watch this space…!

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