Sunday 18th August – Saturday 24th August

Friday 23rd August

Today at 11.03 am BST the sun moves into Virgo and joins Mars and Venus in Virgo. This gives us plenty of precise, careful, hardworking energy. So happy birthday to all you Virgos, I hope you can take a little rest to enjoy your up coming birthdays! Here is my article about Virgos in Let’s Talk September 2019 issue.

Wednesday 21st August

Today, another of the fast moving planets moves into careful precise Virgo. This is Venus, planet of love, traditionally Venus is in fall in Virgo, so it is not totally comfortable here. Venus wants harmony and beauty and Virgo wants precision and perfection. Venus in Virgo is shy, hardworking and may not always tell you that she cares, but she shows it in little ways. So now is a time to show our love to those close to us by thoughtful gestures and to cut them a bit of slack and hold our tongue and not to expect them to be perfect!

Monday 19th August

Have you felt a shift in the air? It feels more autumnal to me, the evenings are getting chillier and damper. The faster moving planets are starting to move from summery Leo into Virgo. Mars planet of action and passion was the first to go, it moved into Virgo yesterday, Sunday 18th August. 
When Mars is in Virgo he takes off his party hat, puts on the rubber gloves, rolls up his sleeves and gets down to the nitty gritty. It is a time to get the work done and pay attention to those niggling jobs that you’ve been meaning to do for ages. I’m biting the bullet with school uniform checking and buying, it looks like I’ve been feeding my son too well, he’s outgrown pretty much everything uniform wise. Off we go to the shops to join all the other parents and their enthusiastic children.😉

Be aware that when Mars is in Virgo we can feel quite niggly as we want everything just right, we can also get caught up with all the little details and forget the bigger picture. So it is worth looking up from our work once in a while just to check that we’re still on track. I know this only too well, I have Mars in Virgo in my chart, so I’m pickier than the average Saggittarian. 😉

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