Sunday July 7th to Saturday July 13th 2019

Monday 8th July,

We are now in a period of Mercury retrograde as today Mercury started its retrograde journey appearing to us here on earth to travel backwards in the sky. It is getting closer to the sun and it will be conjunct the sun on July 21st. When mercury is conjunct the sun it is not visible to us. In mythical terms Mercury is in the’ underworld’.

When Mercury is retrograde we can get a bit frustrated and stressed as plans may not go as they should and messages can easily get muddled. However, I quite like this period as it is a great time for reviewing and remembering. You can also get some good dreams at this time, and unfinished issues may arise for you to deal with. So at this time of Mercury retrograde back up your computer information and double check your diary and if you get a chance, dream envision wander…I do that anyway, can’t help it….. 😉
Mercury glyph from Soul Bridging

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