Sunday July 21st to Saturday July 27th

Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Today the sun moves in to creative fun loving Leo. Here in Norfolk the children break up from school tomorrow and my son is really looking forward to that!.

Wow, it is so hot at the moment, I enjoy the summer but I must admit that both me and my cucumber plants were wilting this afternoon! We’ve perked up a bit now but it is still warm, I find the evening the nicest part of the day in this weather. It looks like a warm one again tomorrow here in the UK, great for sea side paddling and sitting in the garden. If you get the chance, have fun tomorrow and remember to keep protected. 
Here is my article about Leos from Let’s Talk magazine.

Happy birthday to all you Leos.

Sunday 14th July to Saturday 20th July

Tuesday 16th July

Today we have a partial lunar eclipse. It follows the solar eclipse of two weeks ago which was on a new moon in the sign of Cancer. Tomorrow’s eclipse is on a full moon and it is visible in the UK. (weather permitting as ever…) The full moon will rise eclipsing so it is definitely worth looking out for. The moon rises at 21.18 BST in Norwich and totality is at 22.31 BST.

Eclipses are times of change; endings and beginnings. This one is part of a series of eclipses falling in the proactive Cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn. So issues associated with the sign of Cancer may arise, these are; our home, our family and the past. The Capricorn themes of rules, time, social expectation, work and ambition are also in the mix. This is a time let go of rigid expectations and habits which no longer work and to nurture what is really important to us.

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Monday 15th July

We have an eclipse tomorrow and these are times of endings and beginnings. Eclipses come in pairs and this is the second in a fortnight. The first one was a solar eclipse on Tuesday 2nd July. I used that time to have a good clear out and had a big bonfire where I burnt up loads of rubbish and weeds on my allotment. This was a physical and symbolic clearing out of the old. Whilst doing this I noticed that our stream was all choked with weeds and did start to get in there and have a bit of a go at it. Being an impulsive fire sign I jumped in there and got my feet all wet as I didn’t go back home to change into my wellies. uh oh. I promised myself that I would Clare the stream before tomorrow’s lunar eclipse and today I did. It was fun and I got one slightly wet foot where a little bit of water went into my welly as I went a tad too deep! The stream certainly is clearer now and allowing the water to flow freely.

Sunday July 7th to Saturday July 13th 2019

Monday 8th July,

We are now in a period of Mercury retrograde as today Mercury started its retrograde journey appearing to us here on earth to travel backwards in the sky. It is getting closer to the sun and it will be conjunct the sun on July 21st. When mercury is conjunct the sun it is not visible to us. In mythical terms Mercury is in the’ underworld’.

When Mercury is retrograde we can get a bit frustrated and stressed as plans may not go as they should and messages can easily get muddled. However, I quite like this period as it is a great time for reviewing and remembering. You can also get some good dreams at this time, and unfinished issues may arise for you to deal with. So at this time of Mercury retrograde back up your computer information and double check your diary and if you get a chance, dream envision wander…I do that anyway, can’t help it….. 😉
Mercury glyph from Soul Bridging

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Sunday June 30th – Saturday July 6th

Tuesday 2nd July

The solar eclipse is this evening. Although it is not visible here in the UK it is still a time of endings and beginnings. I really enjoyed myself this afternoon with a bonfire burning a load of accumulated rubbish, both literal and metaphorical. Clear away the old and let the new in ! This also coincides with Mars, planet of action and passion moving into passionate dramatic Leo today. So all in all, this is a great time to have a bonfire, I do like a bit of drama!

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Chart from the Astrological Association’s Facebook page.

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Today Venus planet of love, affection and attraction moves into home loving, traditional Cancer. This is a good time to lavish some attention on your home and family and show those who you love just how much you appreciate them. Perhaps you may feel like whipping them up a lovely meal as a treat or if you are not you are not quite that energetic I find that a multi pack of Curly wurlies always goes down well… Luckily, I am a dab hand at rhubarb crumble and other traditional dishes – my mother taught me well – a long time ago, and I’ve had a lot of practice now, thanks mum.

Sunday 23rd to Saturday June 29th

Thursday 27th June

Today Mercury planet of communication is now in dramatic, confident Leo. It is time for a bit of drama and creativity, perhaps you fancy planning a party or getting together with some friends for a chat. You may feel like getting creative in whatever way you enjoy, and we are all creative in our individual ways. If you  have children or work with them it is a great time to be round them and have a bit of fun and enjoy their enthusiasm and zest for life, it is contagious. It is also due to be sunny this weekend so it’s a great time to get outdoors and enjoy yourselves.