Astrologer’s Diary – Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th April

Wednesday 24th April 2019 

Today Pluto, planet of change and transformation, Greek god of the underworld goes retrograde. This means it appears to go backwards in the sky. This retrograde period lasts until October 3rd 2019. Pluto is very slow moving, it takes 248 years to go round the sun, and is in Capricorn, where it has been since late 2008. When Pluto is in Capricorn we are having to cahnge our structures, our government, our business practices, all things ruled by Capricorn. This sign is also about taking responsibility, so when Pluto is moving backwards in Capricorn it is a time when issues of the past may re emerge and we may need to deal with them in a responsible way, not always easy…

Tuesday 23rd April 2019

I’ve sorted out the details for  May’s meeting of The Norfolk Astrological association which is on Saturday 4th May 2019 at 1.45pm – 3.45pm. This month we are meeting at Claire’s house in Foulsham, because Guist Post Office cafe is closing at 2pm due to the Bank Holiday.

All astrology lovers welcome.

If you would like to join us, please PM  Norfolk Astrological Association or Claire Manion on Facebook or email for the address.

Claire is discussing the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s descent into The Great Below to meet her sister Ereshkigal. The charts we will be looking at are those of Samuel Noah Kramer the Sumerian scholar and Diane Wolkstein the folklorist and story teller who worked together to produce that seminal work;
Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer published in 1983

This brought Inanna and her dark sister Ereshkigal back into the light.

Chart details
1 Samuel Noah Kramer 28th September 1897 Zhashkir near Uman Ukraine. No birth time so please use a flat chart 12.00

2 Diane Wolkstein 11 November 1942 18.27 Newark New Jersey USA

3 Initial meeting of Kramer and Wolkstein – 8th November 1979 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA. No time so I have gone for 9am. Kramer was giving a talk about Inanna that day and he invited Wolkstein to meet him and to attend the talk.

4 Date of publication of book 8th August 1983 9am New York USA

We will look at the myth of Lilith and the different astrological Liliths the next time it is my turn to run a session, Claire

Sunday 21st April

Happy Easter. I hope you are having a good one. Easter is really late this year, and it is all down to the moon. The church calculates Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. This year the Spring Equinox was early, it varies slightly each year, and it fell on the evening of 20th March- and March’s full moon was a few hours later, in the early hours of March 21st. Now you would think that Easter would have fallen really early on the following Sunday March 24th, but not so! This is because to avoid confusion the church states that the date for the Spring Equinox is 21st March. Therefore, this made this year’s April full moon on Friday 20th April the first full moon after the 21st March. This full moon is known as the Paschal Moon because the first Sunday following this moon is Easter Sunday. Next year, in 2020, Easter Sunday will be April 12th with the Paschal moon falling on April 8th. Right, after all that, I’m off to nick a bit of my son’s Easter Egg. The Easter bunny forgot me on his rounds! 😉
The eggs in the photo are from our hens and I was in an artistic mood this morning!

Sunday 14th April 2019- Saturday 20th April 2019

Saturday 20th April 2019

Last night, I had a successful moon hunting session. I took my son along, he decided that it was preferable to helping his dad do the washing up! We went up our lane which heads East and opens out onto some fields, just as my son was beginning to doubt my timing the moon rose, pale and pink above the trees. I’m always impressed by how huge it looks on the horizon and how fast it moves. By the way, talking about the fast moving moon, it is now in Scorpio, it just manged to be full in the last degree of Libra before moving into Scorpio at 1.42 yesterday afternoon.


Today is a busy day astrologically. Firstly, this morning, the sun moved out of Aries into sensual earth sign Taurus. Then this afternoon, Venus, the planet of love and attraction and ruler of Taurus, moves from soft dreamy idealistic Pisces into neighbouring Aries. Here it joins Mercury which made the same move earlier in the week. Two planets moving into Aries ups the tempo this is because Aries is ruled by energetic passionate planet, Mars.

There is a quite a strong Venus and Mars link going on at the moment, as Mars is in Taurus and Venus is in Aries, so they are in each other’s signs. Astrologers call this mutual reception. Nature is certainly moving very fast at the moment, everything is growing and blossoming like mad, making the most of all this lovely sunshine. So this is a good time to act and do, I have been planting seeds this afternoon to put on my windowsill to germinate. This apple blossom in our garden came out yesterday in the warmth- apples are associated with the goddess Venus. Hope you have time to enjoy this beautiful season.


Friday 19th April 2019

Did you see the moon last night? Wow it was so bright. It is full this lunch time at 12.12 BST. This full moon is unusual as it is the second Aries Libra full moon in a row. The first one was on March 21st just after the spring Equinox when the sun was just into Aries and the moon was just into Libra. This one is right at the end of the Aries Libra axis with the moon at Libra at 29 degrees. (there are thirty degrees of each sign).

Aries and Libra are both proactive cardinal signs, but they are opposites; Aries is about the self and Libra is about the other. So this axis is one of balancing our needs and actions in relation to others.

If you set any intentions a month ago on the spring equinox now is a good time to look at them and decide if you are on track and take action if necessary. I find this very useful as I am a distractible Sagittarius who needs to keep focused!

I hope you are enjoying your Easter bank holiday, if you
are lucky enough to have a few days off. The weather’s fab here in Norfolk. With a bit of luck the sky should be clear allowing us to see the moon rise. Look to the Eastern horizon just after sunset, here in Norfolk the sun sets at 8 pm and the moon rises at 8.01pm, should be good!



Wednesday 17th April

Today, Mercury planet of communication gets a bit of a boost. At 7.13 am this morning it moved into the sign of energetic go getting Aries. It has been in dreamy, vague Pisces since the 10th of February, this is a long time for Mercury to be in one sign, as it is the fastest planet in the solar system. The reason it was in Pisces for so long was that it went retrograde and back tracked through the sky then turned round and retraced its steps, all in Pisces. So , if communication has been a bit confused and unfocused for a while, things should be speeding up and getting clearer.



Sunday 14th April 2019

May’s edition of Let’s Talk is out and it is special as it is their 200th anniversary.They have been going since 2002 which is a great achievement. There are two double page spreads of the celebration which I attended and really enjoyed. I’m lurking at the back of the group photo suffering from shiny glasses syndrome.Uh Oh. 😉


Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 7th April – Saturday 13th April

Friday 12th April 2019

Today has been a productive day. Gini Harrison and I have been planning our next Yoga and astrology workshop. This will be at the lovely Kelling Studio at 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday 22nd June. Booking is essential as places are limited so please get in touch to secure a place.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kelling-opening-up-to-spring-1024x987.jpg

Tuesday April 10th 2019

Today, Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck and growth turns retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. Jupiter moved into its own sign Sagittarius, in November of last year and has been lending us a boost since then. The thing with this placement is that situations can easily get over inflated and we may get carried away…. However, when Jupiter turns retrograde, the inflation slows down allowing the truth to come to light. Jupiter’s retrograde period lasts from today until August 11th. Time for some introspection perhaps.

Sunday 7th April 2019

Yesterday’s meeting of the Norfolk Astrological Association went off well. Thank you to Liam for providing us with the birth chart of Alan Watts who wrote the book The Way of Zen in 1957 and popularised Eastern philosophy in the West. We all enjoyed this session.

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 31st March- Saturday 6th April

Friday 5th April

Today we have a New moon in Aries, so this is a great time for new beginnings and to start something. I’m going to out in the allotment to start preparing the poly-tunnel for the upcoming growing season. Gloves and lady fork at the ready!

Thursday 4th April 2019

This afternoon, I did a talk A Zip Round the Zodiac to Holt Probus club at The Feathers Hotel. I think (and hope) that the group enjoyed the talk. We were all pleased that my lap top and their projector managed to communicate with each other so we had an illustrated talk. I do like it when technology works! Thank you to everyone at Holt Probus club for inviting me to speak and making me so welcome.

Wednesday 3rd April

So did you get caught out on Monday by the April foolers? My hubby tried to trick me into believing they were building an underpass at our local Tesco so they were closed. By some miracle, I twigged, I am normally quite gullible! We didn’t prank our son, he was in too much of a teenage morning state, so we decided to be kind to him.

I am looking forward to doing a talk tomorrow ‘A Zip Round the Zodiac’ in Holt, Norfolk which is quite close to me. I am just making sure my shoes are clean for the occasion and that I have everything ready.

Monday 1st April

Happy April Fool’s Day! Look out for the trickster today! Mars, planet of action moved into quick witted, airy Gemini yesterday. This is a very fast and furious placement. Also, Mercury, ruler of Gemini and planet of communication is in Pisces, sign of illusion and deception. So watch out!

The origins of April Fool’s day are not totally clear, but there is one theory that it is down to the time of the celebration of the new year. In the UK the new year used to start on April 1st, this was out of sync with the rest of Europe, so in 1752 it was changed to January 1st. The story goes that some people were reluctant to change and still celebrated it on April the 1st, those who still clung to the old ways were classed as April Fools! Whatever the origins, have fun and watch out for the tricksters this morning.