Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 17th March- Saturday 23rd March

Saturday 23rd March 2019

I’m delighted to say that the Opening up to Spring morning workshop at Kelling combining yoga and astrology went off well. Thank you very much to everyone who came, I hope you all enjoyed it. I would also like to say a big thank you to Gini for making this happen. I enjoyed the yoga and now feel stretched, energized and ready for the spring. We will soon be getting together to plan the next workshop in our series of seasonal Saturdays. This is called Embracing the fullness of Summer and is on Saturday 22nd June close to the Summer Solstice.
Kelling studio all set out ready for our workshop.

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Thursday 21st March

Wow! What a beautiful moon, I went out at about six pm and wandered up our lane beyond our neighbours’ houses taking photos. It was a beautiful evening with the dramatic pinks and golds of the sunset in the West and the moon rising in the East.
Just before 10pm – the time of the actual Equinox, I sat out in the garden all wrapped up wearing my favourite furry hat in the moonlight gazing up at the moon. Then I got back inside by the fire for a warming cuppa! Oh the joys of being a rural dwelling (mildly eccentric) astrologer! 😉

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Wednesday 20th March

Today, Wednesday 20th March is a busy day! To start with, as I have been mentioning for the past couple of days, it is the Spring Equinox. This is when the sun crosses the equator and we have roughly equal days and nights. The word Equinox comes for the Latin for ‘equal nights’ . It is that day when the sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and a new season begins. For us here in the northern Hemisphere it is a day of hope and promise when the light returns. Astrologically and astronomically it is the first day of Spring and the weather here in Norfolk reflects that, it is sunny and warm. It is a great time to set intentions and to act on them. In astrology is the start of the astrological year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

Also, did you know that the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) is International Astrology Day today? A day to celebrate astrology. 🙂

Added to this, we have a full moon tonight, here in the UK it’s exactly full in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Did you see it last night? It was beautiful, peeping through the clouds when it was still dusk and then later on, after night fall, flooding the sky with a pearly, silver light. It is a ‘super moon’, at perigee – its closest position to the earth so it appears at its biggest and brightest.

And finally… the 20th March is International Day of Happiness.

Happy Spring Equinox – bring on the light, the joy and the daffodils..!

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Tuesday 19th March 

I love this, just in time for the Spring Equinox tomorrow.No photo description available.

Monday 18th March

I hope you had a good weekend, we did, I had a lovely if rather muddy walk yesterday with my neighbour around the lanes and green lanes near our house. Spring is certainly on its way, the daffodils are out in our gardens and the blackthorn and primroses are out and green is starting to show in the hedgerows. Saying that, it is still pretty nippy and stormy, I do like this blustery changeable weather. There are two first days of Spring so we can take our pick! Meteorological Spring has already kicked in, it starts on the first of March. However, astronomical spring is just around the corner as it starts at the Spring Equinox. It falls around the 20th or 21st March and varies slightly every year as it is the time when the sun moves in to the first point of Aries. This year it is on Wednesday 20th March at 8.58pm GMT to be precise!

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Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 10th March- Saturday 16th March

Friday 15th March 2019

Early this morning, Mercury, planet of communication was conjunct – (at the same degree as) the Sun. Astronomers call this the inferior conjunction when an inner planet (Mercury or Venus) passes between the earth and the sun. This conjunction marks Mercury’s movement from the evening sky to the morning sky. It is the time when Mercury goes retrograde. From February 18th to March 5th Mercury was visible in the evening. On the 5th March, it became impossible to see because it was swamped by the sun’s glare. It will remain invisible until the 23rd March when it will be visible once again, rising early in the morning, just ahead of the sun.

Symbolically, this period when Mercury is invisible to the naked eye is when he goes into the ‘underworld’ and he takes on a different otherworldly tone. It is a time for introspection and reflection.
Photo of Mercury taken at The rijks museum cafe in Amsterdam

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Tuesday 12th March 2019

I do like Pisces season, lots of great art is appearing. Here is the latest Lizz Lunney post card. It came today and is the tenth in her Character Zodiac series. Her character for the month is Yellow Dungaree Rabbit. He is very creative and is happily slapping paint around. He looks rather Piscean to me, happily creating and going with the flow.

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Monday 11th March

I saw this post on Urania’s Well Facebook Page – Neptune the god of the seas mysteriously and anonymously appears on the shore at Rome in Italy. This looks like synchronicity to me, or may be careful planning.. who knows? Anyway , Neptune rules magical Pisces and we are in the flow of Pisces at the moment with the sun, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces. I’m always up for a bit of magic and mystery!

Urania’s Well

This is Urania’s Well’s post on Sunday 10th March 2019
Right now, we have three of the outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune — in the signs they rule. This gives these planets considerable strength, and indicates profound, ongoing changes on a collective level.

Neptune is especially in play this month and next, as Mercury goes retrograde in Neptune’s oceanic and mysterious domain, and Venus joins it there at the end of the month. So I found it particularly appropriate that some inspired but unknown artist recently placed a statue of Neptune on the shore in Rome.

We would do well to remember that the oceans drive our weather and are foundational to our food chain. Meanwhile, we treat them like a sewer. Such hubris.…/statue-of-neptune-appears-on…

A mysterious statue of Neptune, which appeared unexpectedly on Rome’s coast in recent days, has become the focus of much attention in the Ostia neighbourhood of the capital.

Sunday 10th March

Well Mercury retrograde’s influence kicked in for us last night! We set off to see a musical concert in deepest Norfolk in a village called Sharrington. It seemed straightforward enough but we managed to get lost and keep driving round in circles in the dark. This was despite having google maps; it kept sending us to the local Hall instead of the village hall. We were not alone, there were several cars doing a circuit of twisty lanes and tight turns! We were about to give up when I spotted lights in the distance and hooray we found it! We were just in the nick of time to get a drink and a seat before the performance started. I think the hall may have a bit of a reputation for being a devil to find as the organiser asked the audience who had got lost, quite a few hands went up..

The music was lovely and well worth the confusing journey.

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Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 3rd March- Saturday 9th March

Friday 8th March

Let’s Talk magazine have their April edition out in the shops already. It is the 199th edition. Please see my Star Talk page featuring Aries. At the moment we are still happily swimming with gentle Pisces. We will catch up with Aries when the sun moves into Aries at the Spring Equinox which falls on the 20th of March this year.

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Thursday 7th March 2019

I’ve had a sociable couple of days; yesterday I met up with Gini Harrison the yoga teacher who I am working with on March 23rd at Kelling to finalize our plans for our first joint workshop honouring the spring equinox ‘Opening Up to Spring’. We are also planning future workshops in a series following on from our spring workshop. They are running in June, September and December honouring the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox and the winter Solstice respectively.

Today I went to Norwich to the headquarters of ‘Let’s Talk’ Magazine to celebrate their 200th edition which is out next month- May 2019. It was lovely to meet the team and some of the other contributors and to have tea and cake of course..! The cake was rather spectacular. I manged to get a photo before it was cut up and handed round. Thank you to Terry and Angie and everyone for inviting me. I had a lovely morning.

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Wednesday 6th March

Today is definitely a day of beginnings. We have a new moon in Pisces at 16.03 GMT. This new moon is joined by dreamy, mystical Neptune. So this is a time to go with the flow and see what transpires. Look out for a bit of magic in the air, along with the rain..!

Also, a long term change is occurring as the planet Uranus moves into Taurus at 08.26 this morning GMT. Uranus is an outer planet; it takes approximately 84 years to go round the sun and spends approximately seven years in each sign of the zodiac.

Uranus represents new inventions, technology, the collective and dramatic and sudden change. It has been in brave, adventurous Aries for the last 7 years and in that time we have seen huge developments in technology which has had a massive effect upon our social interactions. We can belong to groups connecting like minded people from all over the world and have free conversations with people thousands of miles away; my son regularly does! The key word for Aries is ‘I am’ and the phenomenon of ‘The Selfie’ – sharing photos of oneself using technology is a good expression of Uranus in Aries.

This new phase coming up will have a different feel to it. Taurus is a fixed, earth sign and its key word is ‘I have’ so look out for changes regarding possessions, money and what we value. Taurus is also associated with agriculture and food ,so look out for changes related to that too.

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Tuesday 5th March

This evening Mercury, planet of communication will go retrograde and appear to move backwards in the sky. It is in dreamy Pisces and as I have mentioned before logical, fast Mercury flounders a bit in watery, mystical Pisces. Added to this, during retrograde periods, we may find ourselves going over old ground and thinking differently to usual. I don’t think this is a bad thing, I love a bit of imaginative thinking. However, look out for confusion or even deception and check the facts before committing to anything definite. It might also be a good idea to check your diary regularly as it is really easy to get confused and land up at the right place in the wrong time or vice versa. I’ve done that before now! Luckily I was a day early taking my son to a music workshop so we had a second chance to get him there on time. 😉

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Monday 4th March

There is one place left on this workshop on

Saturday 23rd March at 9.30am to 1pm

at Kelling Yoga Studio North Norfolk NR25 7EW

This fun, interactive morning will begin with an introduction to astrology and the astrological themes for the equinox. This is followed by a yoga session tapping into the elements, setting an intention enabling us to embrace and be open to what the uplifting spring season has to offer.

Some yoga experience necessary – no astrology knowledge required!

£30 per person

Booking is essential ONE PLACE LEFT

Please contact me to secure your place.
tel 07749822495

There is one place left on this workshop on

Saturday 23rd March at 9.30am to 1pm.

Kelling Yoga Studio, North Norfolk near Holt

If you would like to join us contact me.

This fun, interactive morning will begin with an introduction to astrology and the astrological themes for the equinox. This is followed by a yoga session tapping into the elements, setting an intention enabling us to embrace and be open to what the uplifting spring season has to offer.

Some yoga experience necessary – no astrology knowledge required!

£30 per person

Booking is essential as places are limited, so please contact me to secure your place.
tel 07749822495