Sunday 20th January – Saturday 26th January

Saturday 26th January

Is it just me, or does January seem to be hanging around for a long time..? February is on the horizon and it is only a week to the North Norfolk Association meeting on Saturday 2nd February at Guist Post Office cafe. All those interested in astrology are welcome and they do a great selection of homemade cakes!

February Meeting of NAA

Saturday, 2 February 2019 from 13:45-15:45

Guist Post Office cafe NR20 5AJ

We are looking at the chart of a mystery person as chosen by Pat, see chart below.

Friday 25th January

Today Mars planet of action is making a positive aspect to Jupiter planet of action. They are both in fire signs, in fact they are both in their own signs, Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius. What do want to do today? Just beware to not get too excitable!

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Thursday 24th January 2019

Good morning. It is beautiful here today, I do love a good frosty morning even though my chickens aren’t quite so impressed! Early this morning, mercury, planet of communication moved into the sign of Aquarius and is moving to catch the sun up which is also in Aquarius. So this is a good time to get out and share your ideas with others. With Mercury in Aquarius these ideas could be unusual, and who knows, some of them might just change the world!😉

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Wednesday 23rd January 2019 

I’ve booked to go to this lovely friendly show in Holt on Saturday February 16th. I will be offering mini astrology readings and astro card readings. I’m looking forward to it – hope to see you there.

SAT, 16 FEB 10am- 4pm
Holt Community Centre Kerridge Way Holt NR25 6DN Norfolk
The event is free to attend

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Today planet of luck and enthusiasm, Jupiter is conjunct (at the same degree to) Venus planet of love, affection and all things nice. They are both in generous Sagittarius so we should all be in a happy mood. Last week I treated myself to some roses from the supermarket and they are still doing well a week later. What extravagance, roses in January. In astrology, roses are linked to Venus. Have a good day!

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Monday 21st January 2019

Uh oh, don’t you just love the British weather!? After that beautiful moon early on last night, the cloud curtains came over Norfolk ! I did get up at 5am – very noisily, I dropped the alarm clock, so I was not popular. Then after all that fuss it was all cloudy and I couldn’t see the eclipse. Never mind! I enjoyed seeing the photos from other people who were luckier than us weather wise.

Astrologically the moon was in early Leo – opposite the sun in early Aquarius. The sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. This axis is about self love and love for others. It is time to express our individuality whilst also finding our place in society- time to shine.

As the sun is now in Aquarius for a month, I’d like to wish all Aquarians a happy birthday for their upcoming solar returns.

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Sunday 20th January 2019

It’s the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning, Monday 21st January when the moon turns red. Totality is at  5.11 am GMT and I am aiming to get up to see it, but the forecast is partly cloudy so I may be disappointed, still I will try. I’m also hoping to see Jupiter and Venus rising in the South East. Will I wake up in time and will the weather comply??!

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