Astrologer’s Diary – Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th December

Thursday December 13th

I said yesterday that Mercury has moved into Sagittarius. If you like planet spotting, it is visible in the early morning just before sunrise. Luckily for me, a sleepy head, sunrise is very late here in the northern hemisphere as it is only 8 days before the winter solstice. If you want to find Mercury, first pick a clear morning! Then if you have the chance between your morning duties, school run, toast making, etc, go outside before dawn. Tomorrow Friday 14th, it is 7.59 in Norfolk (regionally it varies a little bit) look to the East and find Venus. It is very bright and beautiful at the moment. (I’ve been going on about spotting Venus in the morning for a while now, on and off.) Mercury is also bright and below Venus. Also, if you feel like braving the cold, tonight is a good night to go out and look for the Geminids meteor shower. We are very lucky here in Norfolk to have dark skies. Apparently is best to look for them at 2am but you can be lucky and see them earlier than that, they are a bit unpredictable!

Colour enhanced photo of Mercury from public domain pictures net.

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Wednesday 12th December

Tonight just before midnight, Mercury moves back into Sagittarius. It was in Sagittarius all of November and spent the first two weeks of December in Scorpio where it turned round and is now moving forward again. Sagittarius is a lively, generous sign but as I have said before it is not too keen on details. So this is good for getting into the party spirit and giving great presents, but do check those pesky details like dates and addresses!

Photo from Wikimedia

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Tuesday 11th December 2018

Hello, it’s a beautiful morning, I love the frosty winter days. It’s not so good if you’re a chicken though! I had to melt the water on my birds’ drinker today and yes, one of them had laid an egg this morning. 🙂
Today Mercury communication planet is in the last degree of Scorpio, ready to move into Sagittarius. There is often a sense of urgency when a planet is in the last degree of a sign. It is forming a grand trine to healer planet Chiron and the Moon’s North Node in Cancer. Venus is making a positive aspect to gentle romantic Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. So today is a good day for communicating about emotions and nurturing relationships.

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Monday 10th December
Chiron the wounded healer went direct yesterday. Chiron was discovered in 1977 and is used by most modern astrologers. Chiron is classified as a minor planet and a comet. It orbits between Saturn and Uranus. It takes 50 years to go round the sun and has a very uneven – elliptical orbit, whizzing through some signs and spending ages in others. Chiron spends a long time in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and has been there since 2011. It briefly entered Aries in April 2018 then reversed back into the last degrees of Pisces. It will spend the next few months until March moving through the last degrees of Pisces until it goes into Aries for good- well the next 50 years anyway. The symbol for Chiron is a key and in the Greek myths he was a healer and teacher who helped others unlock their skills and potential.
When Chiron is retrograde it is easy to get stuck in old self defeating patterns- tell me about it! So now it is direct this is a time to release those old habits, if we can. I am trying- yes, very trying says my husband.😉




Sunday 9th December

It is a lovely clear evening here in Norfolk and the new moon is visible. It is a beautiful silver sliver visible in the evening as it now sets after the sun. Tonight the sun set at 15.40 GMT in Norwich and the moon will set at 17:41 , so if you want to see it, pop out and have a look. It is in the South West low in the sky as it is in Capricorn. (Cloud permitting). A new moon is good time to start things and tomorrow I have a lot of reading to do! The new moon from our lane, just about visible in my photo.🙂

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Astrologer’s Diary 2nd December- 8th December

Saturday 8th December

Uh oh, I’ve just remembered that I hadn’t posted today. My son and I went on a Christmas shopping mission to Norwich. We set off early – for us, and were in the city by 9.20am. It was quiet first thing but it got busier. We had a good day and bought most of what we wanted to. The moon moved into organised, responsible Capricorn today. We wrapped most of the pressies when we got home ready for a trip to family next weekend. I hope your Christmas plans are going well. See you in the morning!
Photo from Flickr

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Friday 7th December

Here we are at the new moon on a very soggy morning. At last month’s new moon I focused on Mars, planet of action, for a month. As part of that I decided to write daily astrology posts here and on my Facebook page and I have! Hooray. This month I am focusing on the sun (where is it ??) which is about being creative and expressive. So I am continuing with my posts and will illustrate at least three of them with my creative efforts. I’ve been thinking about this for a while! I enjoyed art at school – a long time ago; I did O levels. I worked as a florist in my teens and early twenties so I enjoy being creative and arty. The picture today is of my ‘sun king’ and ‘moon queen’ which I made a couple of years ago. As it is a new moon when the Sun and the Moon are at the same degree of the zodiac so I will start with them.

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Thursday 6th December

Today the moon moved into Sagittarius at 2.48am GMT and will exactly conjunct the sun tomorrow morning – Friday 7th December at 7.20am GMT. So this will be the new moon. It is not visible for a couple of days. When it is, it will be a waxing crescent (a back to front C shape) and will be visible around sun set. So this marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. New moons happen every 28 days and progress through the zodiac over the year. So as the sun is in Sagittarius at the moment, tomorrow’s new moon is in Sagittarius along with lucky expansive Jupiter. It also coincides with Mercury the communicator planet going forwards again, as I said yesterday, it turns direct tonight. New moons are a good time to set intentions, so what would you like to do this month? Apart from survive – I mean, enjoy Christmas?! 😉

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Wednesday 5th December

Today the waning moon is still in Scorpio, along with communication planet Mercury and Venus. Mercury will turn direct tomorrow night, ending its retrograde period which started on November 17th. Have you been having any confusions and communication tangles in the last few weeks?
We’ve have a few cancellations and changes of plan and two mix ups involving boots, but everything has been sorted now!
On the plus side, I’ve written the Christmas cards, we have quite a long list as between us we’ve got a lot of family and being a restless Sagittarius I’ve moved around over the years. I’m looking forward to hearing from people, there are always some changes. I hope our cards get out safely, I posted them today! Uh oh! Perhaps I should have waited…! Christmas is a busy time for Mercury with lots of messages being delivered.

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Tuesday 4th December

Another beautiful morning and another lovely view of the Moon and Venus in the predawn sky. Did you notice that the Moon and Venus have swapped places? Yesterday the waning crescent moon was to the right – West of Venus and today the Moon is to the left – East of Venus. This is because the moon is moving closer to the sun daily. It is gradually diminishing in size, it was a silver sliver this morning. (Try saying that with your teeth in!) and will get ever smaller until it becomes invisible to us as it reaches its conjunction with the sun on Thursday morning. This will be the new moon in Sagittarius and another lunar cycle will begin.
Astrologically today the Moon is making a trine (a positive aspect) to Neptune and Mars in Pisces. Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs so we may all be feeling quite sensitive and in tune with our loved ones today.


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Monday 3rd December

What a lovely sight this morning, the waning crescent moon and Venus together in the early morning sky. The moon is still in Libra and will move in to Scorpio this evening joining Venus and then Mercury on the 5th.

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Sunday 2nd December 2018

Today Venus moved into Scorpio again. It first moved into Scorpio in September and reached as far as 10 degrees in early October then back tracked from 10 degrees of Scorpio back to 25 degrees of Libra where it turned direct on 16th November. Since then it has been moving old ground, first in light, Libra and now in deep Scorpio. Added to this, Mercury the communication planet is still moving backwards and is also now in Scorpio – it moved in yesterday.

So it is worth looking at what has happened in your relationships in the past couple of months. Secrets could come to light we are likely to want to get to the heart of matters.

Photo from Max Pixel

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