Astrologer’s Diary 18th – 24th November

Sunday 18th

It is the end of my second week of writing every day and this week has been quite eventful astrologically with Mars moving into Pisces, Venus going direct and Mercury going retrograde. I have had a good week and on Friday I went to a restorative yoga class run by a lady who I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was excellent, very restful. I was very good though, I didn’t fall asleep during the meditation. Most unusual for me!

This week coming up we have more astrological changes; on Thursday the sun is leaving sultry Scorpio and moving into enthusiastic Sagittarius. The moon is waxing and on Friday it will be full in the sign of Gemini- full moons are always in the sign opposite the sun. On Sunday dreamy Neptune turns direct. So this looks quite an energetic period.

Monday 19th November 

At the moment passionate and impulsive Mars is in vague Pisces. It is making a tense angle, a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius which can be over the top at the best of times. So at the moment even the most cautious of folk may be inclined to being a bit slapdash and acting before thinking things through.We might also want to take a few risks without having all the facts. ‘Surely not!’ say I , an impulsive Sagittarius with no air in my chart (the logical, thinking element). This aspect will continue for a couple of weeks; into early December, so I suggest we take a bit of time to consider things. Luckily, cautious Saturn in Capricorn is making a positive aspect to Mars later this week which will help lend a bit of practicality and stability to the situation.

Tuesday November 20th  2018

Have you noticed the moon recently? It has been gradually waxing (increasing in size) it was bright last night, spreading silvery light on my kitchen floor. It is building up to a full moon in Gemini on Friday. The moon spends approximately 2 and a half days in each sign and is currently in Aries, it will move into Taurus tonight 23.42 GMT. When the moon is Aries emotions can run a bit high and we can feel impatient. People born with Moon in Aries are direct and passionate (impatient even!) They can get an awful lot done in a short time but their energy tends to come in bursts.

Wednesday 21st November Today I have been preparing for an astrology party that I am running on Friday. I am really looking forward to it; games, fun, astrology and food. Yes! If you would like to host one, please contact me by PM or
email or phone 07749822495.

Thursday 22nd November

Today at 9.01 the sun is moving into jolly Sagittarius. I always think this is very appropriate in the run up to Christmas; the party season, the time to have fun. It is also a time of generosity, but we are encouraged to spend! This year communication planet Mercury is in Sagittarius – and went retrograde on Saturday. When it comes to spending, this can work in our favour as Mercury rules trade. So a retrograde Mercury can help us slow down and think about what we need to buy rather than impulsively snapping up a bargain. We can give in other ways too; a smile or a helping hand. So on that note I hope you all have a good day and I am off to smile at my chickens to see if they have laid any eggs on a cold November morning!

Friday 23rd November 

Today is the day of the full moon, it was exactly full at 5.40 this morning GMT when most of us were still tucked up in bed. I certainly was! As the sun is in Sagittarius the full Moon is in its opposite sign of Gemini. They are both mutable signs – changeable, restless adaptable. This is a combination about learning and communication, Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger planet and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of higher learning and opportunity. At the moment both of these planets are in Sagittarius close to the sun. So this is a very lively full moon look out for exciting opportunities and messages. What will turn up today? Where do you want to go?

Saturday November 23rd 

The astro party went off well last night. It is so nice to share astrology like this. Thank you to our hostess who made a great curry and collected all the birth details and to everyone who came.

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