Astrologer’s Diary 11th- 17th November

Hi I am onto week two. I have just posted three days of posts as the website went down over the weekend and  it has just come on so I am all up to date now.

Sunday 11th November

I have just come back from our local town, Fakenham where my son has been in the Armistice remembrance parade with the Scouts. He was the standard bearer so I am one proud mum! I was looking at the astrological chart for the signing of the Armistice Treaty 11 am 11th November 1918. The tone is one of realism, forgiveness, change and recognition of suffering. I compared it with the chart for 11am today in London, one hundred years on. Today there is a prominent conjunction of Saturn and the Moon. It was just rising at 11am. It is visible now in the sky if you want to pop out and have a look! Saturn is just below the crescent moon quite low in the South West. Both these planets represent the past, the Moon is about our emotions, our families and Saturn is about time, longevity and responsibility. Also, Chiron, the healer is in Pisces, the sign of forgiveness and compassion at the exact same degree as it was 100 years ago. The phrase ‘we will remember them’ is very fitting for this configuration. Also, it is more than just remembering, as the Reverend of Fakenham said in his address in the service after the parade, it is about learning the lessons of compassion and responsibility so that we don’t make similar mistakes again. Not always easy, I know!

Monday 12th November 

Good morning. We’ve got more sun here in the East aren’t we lucky! My hubby has been decorating my mat which I use for experiential astrology. It looks great don’t you think? Experiential astrology is an interactive way of having your birth chart read. I set your birth chart out onto the mat and you step into it. I guide you round your chart. It is a very powerful process. If you would like to know more please contact me on 07749822495 or via email or PM me through my Facebook page.  The chart shown is the chart for today 12th November at 12 noon. Pluto, the Moon and Saturn on the left hand side of the circle are close to the ascendant. This is the Eastern horizon so they are just rising. The Moon and Saturn will be visible as it gets dark.

Tuesday 13th November

It is another lovely morning here. So if it stays clear we should have a good view of the waxing moon this evening. Mars will also be visible to the East which is to the left of the moon as you are looking South. The moon sets later each night and tonight will set at around 9pm. Today the moon moves into free thinking Aquarius. So this is a good time to meet up with like minded people and thrash out some ideas, perhaps you might find a new solution to a long standing problem!

Wednesday 14th November

Hello, yesterday, I had a really productive evening, it was my first time at a monthly group for local small businesses and I was made very welcome by a group of energetic, enthusiastic ladies. I came away with lots of ideas. The moon is in Aquarius which is the sign of groups and Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus has moved back into go getting Aries. So this a great time for boosting entrepreneurial projects, discussing ideas and supporting others to do the same. I also have my new business cards.Yippee!

Wednesday 15th November

Tonight,  Mars planet of energy, enthusiasm and action is moving into soft, gentle Pisces. This is not an easy combination as Mars is a direct energy and Pisces is not, so this can lead to a lack of get up and go. It can also lead to a feeling of frustration as despite your best intentions things may go astray and you could easily find yourself confused and distracted. ((Story of my life, I am, a distractable Sagittarius) However, on the upside, yes there is always one! Mars in Pisces is very spiritual and good at acting in a way which needs the gentle touch. There is very much the feeling of ‘let go and let god’ with this placement. So it is a good time to set an intention and then let things work out in their own way without too much interference and worrying from you. Just remember every now and then to check what your intention was to make sure you are on track.

Friday 16th November

Good morning, today Venus, planet of love goes direct. It is in charming gracious Libra, its own sign. (All planets are linked to signs and Venus has two, airy Libra and earthy sensual Taurus) When planets are retrograde they appear to go backwards so they go over old ground thus giving us time to think and reassess things. With Venus this is about what we value, and in Libra it is about relationships. So in the past month you may have seen changes or revelations in your relationships. In the last month I have started meeting up with my Libra cousin for chats and tea after meeting her by chance twice within two weeks. Now Venus is starting to go direct again, this is a time to adjust to what we have learnt and to appreciate what we have.

Saturday 17th November 

Early this morning, Mercury, planet of communication went retrograde. Quite a few people have heard of this and I sometimes get asked about it. It can have a bad reputation, this is because when Mercury is retrograde messages don’t always get through as intended. Mercury can be a trickster, but tricks can teach us to be more aware of things. Mercury retrograde makes us slow down and is a good time for introspection. As I was saying yesterday, retrograde planets go over old ground and Mercury is in bouncy Sagittarius. Well, Sagittarians are not known for their attention to detail, so now Mercury’s moving backwards, details might appear whcih we hadn’t noticed earlier. This period of Mercury retrograde will continue until December 6th. So in these three weeks, it is probably best not to start new projects unless you absolutely have to, and if you do, look out for things not quite working as planned.
Also, allow a bit more time for detours and delays on journeys. I had to take my son to another Scout event today, yes they’ve been a busy troop this week! It is in a village fairly close to us but the most direct route involves crossing what I call ‘The twilight zone’. It is a very pretty area of Norfolk with hamlets such as Fusty Weed and Primrose Green (yes really). I often get lost as it is full of a maze of tiny lanes with unhelpful sign posts and it so easy to go round in circles and get frustrated. We got a bit lost this morning but not too bad, thanks to Sat Nav lady who guided us to our destination. As I am quite old school, (or maybe just quite old…) I studied the map and realized that I had been on the right road and turned off too early. Story of my life..! Anyway, before I went to collect him I learnt the route and got there and back without getting lost! Hoooray. So I used retrograde Mercury to help me slow down and look at where I went wrong rather than just being Sagittarius and jumping in and impulsively turning up some interesting lane! It is early days though, so I wonder what tricks Mercury will get up to!

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