Astrologer’s Diary 25th November- 1st December

Sunday 25th November

Early this morning Neptune went direct. It has been going retrograde since June. This summer, apart from being very hot, was also the summer of retrogrades. So it was a time of going over old ground. Now the planets are gradually all turning forwards. From today, Mercury and Uranus are the only two planets appearing to go backwards in the sky. Mercury goes direct on December the 6th and Uranus on January 6th 2019. So we are moving into a more free flowing expressive time.

In astrology, Neptune is the planet of compassion, sensitivity, psychic awareness and creativity. It also the planet of confusion, illusion and even deception. Now that it is moving forward we may feel more compassionate towards others and want to do something about that. I know this is time of year there are plenty of opportunities to donate to charity or to be generous to someone who needs it. We also may want to express our creative ideas to others, perhaps we have been keeping them to ourselves for a while and feel now is the time to let them go, out into the wider world. Neptune is just the planet for going with the flow and trusting the universe. Right! Off I waft to do some dreaming….

Monday November 26th

Astrologically, today is an important day! Jupiter, planet of enthusiasm and luck is in its own sign and it makes a conjunction to the sun also in Sagittarius. This is a time of opportunity and promise. However, Mercury is also very close to these two. As we know, at the moment Mercury is retrograde, and in ‘detriment’ in Sagittarius. Mercury is a sign which likes to analyse whereas Sagittarius likes to generalize so Mercury has to work quite hard in Sagittarius. Therefore as usual it is about striking a balance. Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius can get carried away. Mercury will help us to consider our options, but watch out for self doubt. Opportunities don’t last forever so to make the most of them use some positive thinking but remember to keep an eye on the details!

Tuesday November 27th
This morning the waning moon moves into the fire sign of Leo. It will make a positive aspect (trine) to the sun in Sagittarius another fire sign. In natal (birth chart) astrology the sun represents your self and the moon represents your emotions. The moon changes signs every two and a half days so within the month that it takes the sun to move through one sign the moon moves through them all. This gives a different emphasis; for example, a Sagittarius with moon in Leo is likely to be more outgoing than a Sagittarius with moon in Cancer who is likely to be more home loving. There are many more factors and each birth chart and person and moment in time is different but the sun and moon are very important in the birth chart.
Wednesday November 28th 2018

Uh oh, I am a bit late today, it has been one of those days when I been easily distracted, me surely not! I am a mutable sign, we are known for it, that’s my excuse! Any way, I am happy because I have just finished my predictions for January the North Norfolk Post. As we have just over two days to go until December I am posting my predictions today.

Monthly Horoscope for December 2018 

by Claire Manion Astrologer. 

Aries 21st March – 20th April

As the festive season approaches you could be feeling restless. Around the new moon on the 7th you may want to make changes so you can feel free. Look before you leap and make sure that your actions are based in reality and not fantasy.

Taurus 20th April – 21st May

If you have a sneaky suspicion that a certain person is being secretive with you, trust the feeling. They will speak to you when they are ready; in the meantime keep calm and carry on with the festivities.

 Gemini 21st May – 21st June

As December progresses you are moving into a more sociable and outgoing phase. So make the most of the festive season and let yourself be talked into getting out and about; you may have more fun than you think and get to see some new faces and places.

 Cancer 22nd June -22nd July

You are a creature of habit, but this month your routines look set for a change. It is a time to broaden your horizons and long journeys could be on the cards. There are lots of ideas to discuss and plans to make.

 Leo 22nd July- 21st August

Christmas is a great time for you to express your creativity, whether that means a perfectly decorated tree or carefully chosen gifts. Perhaps you could make something special for your loved ones using your talents.

Virgo 21st August- 21st September

There is a new phase coming in your home life. Whatever your plans are, it looks like you need to be flexible, so keep a full cupboard and an open mind and see how the month unfolds.

 Libra 21st September- 21st October

This is a good time to look at your relationships and make sure you are getting what you need. With the new moon on the 7th in your communication zone, you may find that family members open up to you, so look out for some interesting chats!

Scorpio 21st October- 21st November

Venus, planet of love and attraction is in Scorpio most of this month so you may find people gravitating towards you. Enjoy the attention; as romance could be in the air at this magical time of year.

Sagittarius 21st November- 21st December

It looks quite full on for you this month, but try not to take on too much. Although luck is on your side, remember to check your diary so you don’t double book yourself; you can’t be in two places at once!

 Capricorn 21st December – 20th January

Amongst all the festivities, you could be feeling a little introverted so try and sneak some ‘me’ time, perhaps a pamper night in might be just what the doctor ordered.

 Aquarius 20th January – 18th February

You are likely to be all set to start working towards a long held goal. Friends and social contacts offer some great ideas and opportunities. So look out for interesting invitations and messages in amongst the Christmas cards.

 Pisces 19th February – 20th March

‘Tis the season to be jolly, particularly when it come to your career. It looks like you have a recent success to celebrate. There may be more opportunities coming your way, so make the most of them.

Thursday 29th November 2018

The moon went from creative Leo to industrious Virgo today. It was time for me to clean that oven of mine, you know when you can’t leave it any longer..! It is looking and smelling better than it did. Moon in Virgo is good time to do cleaning and any fiddly detailed jobs. The moon is waning and will be exactly at last quarter in the early hours of tomorrow 30th November. If you want to see it look out for it in the morning (weather permitting). It rises at 23.04 tonight and sets at lunchtime; 13.21.
Photo from a Spanish site nuestro clima ‘our climate’

Friday 30th November

Wow, did you see the Moon and Venus this morning? We are lucky here to have a beautifully clear sky after all that wind and rain. Just before sunrise when the sky turns that lovely blue, Venus was bright and beautiful, it is the third brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon. People sometimes think it is an aeroplane coming into land it is that bright- but not quite as fast moving! The moon is beautiful too, crisp and white against the blue sky.It is visible now quite high in the South West. Here in the UK it sets at 13.21 so there’s a few hours yet to get a glimpse of it.

Venus will be visible tomorrow morning if you missed it today. It will be at its brightest on Sunday 2nd December but visible all month in the morning. 

Astrologically, Venus has a few more days in its own sign of balanced peace loving Libra, then it will move into sultry Scorpio on Sunday. So today and tomorrow are good days for any negotiation.

Saturday 1st December

December has arrived. Today I am prepping to get ready for our astrology group this afternoon. Norfolk Astrology Association. We meet the 1st Saturday of the month. We are looking at the chart of Elon Musk entrepreneur, investor and engineer. In 2012 he was he first man to launch a commercial spacecraft – Dragon. It carries cargo to and from the ISS. The chart for the launch of the rocket Falcon 9 which transported Dragon has Uranus planet of revolution, invention and new technology in Aries on the ascendant. This is a great expression of the pioneering spirit of this event. Musk and his company SpaceX were being very courageous and adventurous. They were also making changes for the whole of humanity. He wants to make public space travel possible. To borrow a phrase from Star Trek is was a ‘to boldly go’ moment.

Astrologer’s Diary 18th – 24th November

Sunday 18th

It is the end of my second week of writing every day and this week has been quite eventful astrologically with Mars moving into Pisces, Venus going direct and Mercury going retrograde. I have had a good week and on Friday I went to a restorative yoga class run by a lady who I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was excellent, very restful. I was very good though, I didn’t fall asleep during the meditation. Most unusual for me!

This week coming up we have more astrological changes; on Thursday the sun is leaving sultry Scorpio and moving into enthusiastic Sagittarius. The moon is waxing and on Friday it will be full in the sign of Gemini- full moons are always in the sign opposite the sun. On Sunday dreamy Neptune turns direct. So this looks quite an energetic period.

Monday 19th November 

At the moment passionate and impulsive Mars is in vague Pisces. It is making a tense angle, a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius which can be over the top at the best of times. So at the moment even the most cautious of folk may be inclined to being a bit slapdash and acting before thinking things through.We might also want to take a few risks without having all the facts. ‘Surely not!’ say I , an impulsive Sagittarius with no air in my chart (the logical, thinking element). This aspect will continue for a couple of weeks; into early December, so I suggest we take a bit of time to consider things. Luckily, cautious Saturn in Capricorn is making a positive aspect to Mars later this week which will help lend a bit of practicality and stability to the situation.

Tuesday November 20th  2018

Have you noticed the moon recently? It has been gradually waxing (increasing in size) it was bright last night, spreading silvery light on my kitchen floor. It is building up to a full moon in Gemini on Friday. The moon spends approximately 2 and a half days in each sign and is currently in Aries, it will move into Taurus tonight 23.42 GMT. When the moon is Aries emotions can run a bit high and we can feel impatient. People born with Moon in Aries are direct and passionate (impatient even!) They can get an awful lot done in a short time but their energy tends to come in bursts.

Wednesday 21st November Today I have been preparing for an astrology party that I am running on Friday. I am really looking forward to it; games, fun, astrology and food. Yes! If you would like to host one, please contact me by PM or
email or phone 07749822495.

Thursday 22nd November

Today at 9.01 the sun is moving into jolly Sagittarius. I always think this is very appropriate in the run up to Christmas; the party season, the time to have fun. It is also a time of generosity, but we are encouraged to spend! This year communication planet Mercury is in Sagittarius – and went retrograde on Saturday. When it comes to spending, this can work in our favour as Mercury rules trade. So a retrograde Mercury can help us slow down and think about what we need to buy rather than impulsively snapping up a bargain. We can give in other ways too; a smile or a helping hand. So on that note I hope you all have a good day and I am off to smile at my chickens to see if they have laid any eggs on a cold November morning!

Friday 23rd November 

Today is the day of the full moon, it was exactly full at 5.40 this morning GMT when most of us were still tucked up in bed. I certainly was! As the sun is in Sagittarius the full Moon is in its opposite sign of Gemini. They are both mutable signs – changeable, restless adaptable. This is a combination about learning and communication, Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger planet and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of higher learning and opportunity. At the moment both of these planets are in Sagittarius close to the sun. So this is a very lively full moon look out for exciting opportunities and messages. What will turn up today? Where do you want to go?

Saturday November 23rd 

The astro party went off well last night. It is so nice to share astrology like this. Thank you to our hostess who made a great curry and collected all the birth details and to everyone who came.

Astrologer’s Diary 11th- 17th November

Hi I am onto week two. I have just posted three days of posts as the website went down over the weekend and  it has just come on so I am all up to date now.

Sunday 11th November

I have just come back from our local town, Fakenham where my son has been in the Armistice remembrance parade with the Scouts. He was the standard bearer so I am one proud mum! I was looking at the astrological chart for the signing of the Armistice Treaty 11 am 11th November 1918. The tone is one of realism, forgiveness, change and recognition of suffering. I compared it with the chart for 11am today in London, one hundred years on. Today there is a prominent conjunction of Saturn and the Moon. It was just rising at 11am. It is visible now in the sky if you want to pop out and have a look! Saturn is just below the crescent moon quite low in the South West. Both these planets represent the past, the Moon is about our emotions, our families and Saturn is about time, longevity and responsibility. Also, Chiron, the healer is in Pisces, the sign of forgiveness and compassion at the exact same degree as it was 100 years ago. The phrase ‘we will remember them’ is very fitting for this configuration. Also, it is more than just remembering, as the Reverend of Fakenham said in his address in the service after the parade, it is about learning the lessons of compassion and responsibility so that we don’t make similar mistakes again. Not always easy, I know!

Monday 12th November 

Good morning. We’ve got more sun here in the East aren’t we lucky! My hubby has been decorating my mat which I use for experiential astrology. It looks great don’t you think? Experiential astrology is an interactive way of having your birth chart read. I set your birth chart out onto the mat and you step into it. I guide you round your chart. It is a very powerful process. If you would like to know more please contact me on 07749822495 or via email or PM me through my Facebook page.  The chart shown is the chart for today 12th November at 12 noon. Pluto, the Moon and Saturn on the left hand side of the circle are close to the ascendant. This is the Eastern horizon so they are just rising. The Moon and Saturn will be visible as it gets dark.

Tuesday 13th November

It is another lovely morning here. So if it stays clear we should have a good view of the waxing moon this evening. Mars will also be visible to the East which is to the left of the moon as you are looking South. The moon sets later each night and tonight will set at around 9pm. Today the moon moves into free thinking Aquarius. So this is a good time to meet up with like minded people and thrash out some ideas, perhaps you might find a new solution to a long standing problem!

Wednesday 14th November

Hello, yesterday, I had a really productive evening, it was my first time at a monthly group for local small businesses and I was made very welcome by a group of energetic, enthusiastic ladies. I came away with lots of ideas. The moon is in Aquarius which is the sign of groups and Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus has moved back into go getting Aries. So this a great time for boosting entrepreneurial projects, discussing ideas and supporting others to do the same. I also have my new business cards.Yippee!

Wednesday 15th November

Tonight,  Mars planet of energy, enthusiasm and action is moving into soft, gentle Pisces. This is not an easy combination as Mars is a direct energy and Pisces is not, so this can lead to a lack of get up and go. It can also lead to a feeling of frustration as despite your best intentions things may go astray and you could easily find yourself confused and distracted. ((Story of my life, I am, a distractable Sagittarius) However, on the upside, yes there is always one! Mars in Pisces is very spiritual and good at acting in a way which needs the gentle touch. There is very much the feeling of ‘let go and let god’ with this placement. So it is a good time to set an intention and then let things work out in their own way without too much interference and worrying from you. Just remember every now and then to check what your intention was to make sure you are on track.

Friday 16th November

Good morning, today Venus, planet of love goes direct. It is in charming gracious Libra, its own sign. (All planets are linked to signs and Venus has two, airy Libra and earthy sensual Taurus) When planets are retrograde they appear to go backwards so they go over old ground thus giving us time to think and reassess things. With Venus this is about what we value, and in Libra it is about relationships. So in the past month you may have seen changes or revelations in your relationships. In the last month I have started meeting up with my Libra cousin for chats and tea after meeting her by chance twice within two weeks. Now Venus is starting to go direct again, this is a time to adjust to what we have learnt and to appreciate what we have.

Saturday 17th November 

Early this morning, Mercury, planet of communication went retrograde. Quite a few people have heard of this and I sometimes get asked about it. It can have a bad reputation, this is because when Mercury is retrograde messages don’t always get through as intended. Mercury can be a trickster, but tricks can teach us to be more aware of things. Mercury retrograde makes us slow down and is a good time for introspection. As I was saying yesterday, retrograde planets go over old ground and Mercury is in bouncy Sagittarius. Well, Sagittarians are not known for their attention to detail, so now Mercury’s moving backwards, details might appear whcih we hadn’t noticed earlier. This period of Mercury retrograde will continue until December 6th. So in these three weeks, it is probably best not to start new projects unless you absolutely have to, and if you do, look out for things not quite working as planned.
Also, allow a bit more time for detours and delays on journeys. I had to take my son to another Scout event today, yes they’ve been a busy troop this week! It is in a village fairly close to us but the most direct route involves crossing what I call ‘The twilight zone’. It is a very pretty area of Norfolk with hamlets such as Fusty Weed and Primrose Green (yes really). I often get lost as it is full of a maze of tiny lanes with unhelpful sign posts and it so easy to go round in circles and get frustrated. We got a bit lost this morning but not too bad, thanks to Sat Nav lady who guided us to our destination. As I am quite old school, (or maybe just quite old…) I studied the map and realized that I had been on the right road and turned off too early. Story of my life..! Anyway, before I went to collect him I learnt the route and got there and back without getting lost! Hoooray. So I used retrograde Mercury to help me slow down and look at where I went wrong rather than just being Sagittarius and jumping in and impulsively turning up some interesting lane! It is early days though, so I wonder what tricks Mercury will get up to!

Astrologer’s Diary – 5th -10th November


As from today, Monday 5th November, (bonfire night when things go with a bang,)I am starting a new feature, my astrologer’s diary where I write  about astrology each day. I also publish this on my Facebook page.  

So here we go! Today is bonfire night and the moon is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. It is waning and very near the end of its monthly cycle. This is the time of the month for endings and preparing for a new moon which this month is in Scorpio and falls on Wednesday. It also coincides with the Autumn which is clearly a time to remove the old. For the last few weeks our neighbours have been doing just that! They have been clearing a plot of land opposite our house. It has been overgrown for years but now the old is being removed big style.They have been working very hard with chain saws and diggers in all weathers to do all this. They landed up with an enormous pile of wood and brush to burn so they decided to make a party of it and invite the locals to join in. We went along and enjoyed the evening. They had fireworks, marshmallows and plenty of booze. It was great! The fire was HUGE, infact it is still smoldering now. I love big fires, all that energy! I am always the one who gets very smoky as I just can’t help getting up as close as I can to it. My late father in law used to call me a ‘kleptomaniac’ (it was his joke yeh yeh I know it is pyromaniac!) Anyway, fire changes, transforms and removes and as I burnt my manky garden canes I promised myself to clear away procrastination so I can embrace my astrology career.

Tuesday 6th November-
Day two and it’s the last day of this moon cycle or lunar month which started on the 9th October with a new moon in Libra. It is nice to look back over the past month and it has been a good month for me. For the past year I have been marking the new moons by focusing on a planet a month. This October I focused on Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck. This month I had a lucky break in that I contacted a local magazine ‘Let”s Talk’ and I am going to be featured in their January issue and then am writing a regular monthly astrology column ‘Star Talk’. I am really excited about this!
Wednesday 7th November
This afternoon there is a new moon in Scorpio. New moons occur when the moon and the sun are at the same degree in the sky. The moon is not visible as it is too close to the sun but will become visible over the next couple of days. New moons occur each month and are time of new beginnings. Astrologically, Scorpio is the sign of rebirth ad regeneration. Scorpios are strong, courageous and determined. They are also creative and usually aware that sometimes you need to get rid of that which is old and worn out in order to allow room for the new. So this is a time to summon our strength to create something new.
This is the astrological chart for the time of the new moon. On the left the words ASC mean ascendant and show the Eastern horizon. So all the planets in the top half of the circle are above the horizon. The far right of the chart has the word DSC and is the descendant, the Western horizon where all the planets set. The two symbols close to the horizon are the sun and the moon close together and just about to set.
On a personal level, as it is a new month I am focusing on a new planetary energy. Last month I focused on lucky Jupiter. This month, I am focusing on Mars, the definitive male energy, he does have a bit of a reputation, he was the Roman god of war. However, he was also an agricultural guardian and represented military power for a purpose, to create a peaceful and secure homeland. He symbolises passion, action and courage and is the joint ruler of Scorpio. So here goes, summoning my courage to do new things! I’ve started posting on instagram…!

Thursday 8th November

On Tuesday I mentioned that Uranus the planet of surprises and change had moved back into Aries. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the sun so spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign. It first moved into Aries back in March 2011. Then in May of this year it made its first steps into Taurus. In August it started retrograding (appearing to go backwards) and on 6th November moved back into Aries. It goes direct in early 2019 and finally leaves Aries for good- well another 84 years on March 7, 2019. It then makes its way through Taurus, the sign of food and comfort and tradition. Uranus always brings change and it is good to look back to 2011 to see what changes have occurred when it has been in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is fast, active and independent and loves the new. Uranus is also about new trends and technology in particular. In the last 7 years the rise in technology in general and smart phones in particular has been very rapid. A lot of social media is very instant and visual. This has changed the way people interact. The rise in technology has also lead to an increase of small businesses and homeworking. People are doing things in their own way! We have a few more months of Uranus in Aries so now is the chance to express yourself if you haven’t quite got round to it.

Friday 9th November

Jupiter, planet of luck, enthusiasm and expansion has moved into its own sign of Sagittarius. It went in yesterday evening- Thursday 8th November. It will move through Sagittarius for a year. This is good news and should bring us some good luck and oomph. It is a bit like having Tigger come bouncing into your life! Jupiter takes approximately a year to move through each sign so it is worth looking back twelve years (if you can remember that far back) to see what was happening in your life. We moved to Norfolk, I am a Sagittarius and we do like to move around. so here’s wishing you all a great Friday and beyond!

Saturday 10th November
Uh oh, better late than never for day six. I have had a treat today, I have been on the back of a motorbike- a big one too- 900cc. Sara and Steve took me out for a ride, Sara rode her bike and Steve got the short straw with me on the back. It had been a very long time since I’d been on a bike- (say it quickly) 30 years. I balanced OK and held on fine, the worst bit was trying to get off! My legs had gone a bit stiff, I am sure I was more agile when I was 21. We had a nice trip round the twisty Norfolk lanes and went on one straight bit. When it comes to astrology, I am focusing on Mars this month and motorbikes, being fast, are ruled by Mars so that was a good bit of synchronicity. Thank you to Sara and Steve for a great trip out and a chance to relive my youth. 😉