Solar Eclipse in Leo Saturday 11th August 2018

On Saturday 11th August there is another eclipse coming up – eclipses usually come in pairs – one solar and one lunar and occasionally, there is a third. This eclipse season started with the solar eclipse on 13th July, then the lunar eclipse on 27th July (for those lucky enough to see it) and now a second solar eclipse. It is a partial eclipse, so the sun won’t be totally covered. It is visible in Northern and Eastern Europe, Northern parts of USA and North West Asia. It goes too far North to be seen in the UK.

Astrologically, this eclipse is in Leo and so is about our courage, our heart, our passion. Solar eclipses are about beginnings – (they occur on the new moon) and for every beginning there is always an ending. So the new is coming, but the old cannot be ignored and this is particularly true at the moment when six planets are retrograde (appearing to go backwards). These planets are; Mercury ( the mind and communication), Mars, (anger, assertiveness, action) Saturn, (restriction, reality, responsibility) Uranus ( revolution, sudden change, invention) Neptune (compassion, illusion, dissolution) Pluto, (deep and lasting transformation) Retrograde periods are times of examining and accepting the past. So the new beginnings will involve the past. Mercury the communicator is conjunct (close to) the sun and moon so new information may come to light bringing new ideas and possibilities.

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