Planetary activity mid April 2018

There is a lot of activity astrology wise at the moment and a lot of it is happening in the sign of Aries. There was a new Moon in Aries at 02.57 BST yesterday morning Monday 16th April. It was conjunct Uranus planet of change. However, Uranus is about to leave Aries and move into Taurus so this is the last time that Uranus will conjunct the new moon in Aries. So it will be a long time – 84 years to be precise! I certainly won’t be around to witness it again.

Mercury, the communication planet is also in forthright Aries and is now moving forward. It had been retrograde since March 23rd. Communication should be easier and clearer than it has been of late. Chiron the wounded healer moves signs into… yes, you’ve guessed it! Aries today Tuesday 17th April. So all this adds up to a challenging time where we may need our courage to weather the storms of change, expect the unexpected and stay true to what we really want to do. 

In addition to this, today 17th April Saturn planet of time and responsibility is moving retrograde until early September. When planets go retrograde they appear to go backwards. Metaphorically, they  cover old ground, giving us a chance review issues. Saturn represents form and structure, it can also represent blockages and delays. So we have a combination of forging into the new with Aries versus holding on to the old  (Saturn in Capricorn). Change is necessary and it can be  exciting but it is also scary  and often uncomfortable as it affects our sense of inner  security. So we may feel a bit frustrated as we know we have to act and change but we may be afraid of it. However, change we must and if we are brave we can face our fears and create what we need to. This should minimize the frustration, let’s hope! Time ‘to boldly go’ like the star ship Enterprise in Startrek!

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