Planetary activity mid April 2018

There is a lot of activity astrology wise at the moment and a lot of it is happening in the sign of Aries. There was a new Moon in Aries at 02.57 BST yesterday morning Monday 16th April. It was conjunct Uranus planet of change. However, Uranus is about to leave Aries and move into Taurus so this is the last time that Uranus will conjunct the new moon in Aries. So it will be a long time – 84 years to be precise! I certainly won’t be around to witness it again.

Mercury, the communication planet is also in forthright Aries and is now moving forward. It had been retrograde since March 23rd. Communication should be easier and clearer than it has been of late. Chiron the wounded healer moves signs into… yes, you’ve guessed it! Aries today Tuesday 17th April. So all this adds up to a challenging time where we may need our courage to weather the storms of change, expect the unexpected and stay true to what we really want to do. 

In addition to this, today 17th April Saturn planet of time and responsibility is moving retrograde until early September. When planets go retrograde they appear to go backwards. Metaphorically, they  cover old ground, giving us a chance review issues. Saturn represents form and structure, it can also represent blockages and delays. So we have a combination of forging into the new with Aries versus holding on to the old  (Saturn in Capricorn). Change is necessary and it can be  exciting but it is also scary  and often uncomfortable as it affects our sense of inner  security. So we may feel a bit frustrated as we know we have to act and change but we may be afraid of it. However, change we must and if we are brave we can face our fears and create what we need to. This should minimize the frustration, let’s hope! Time ‘to boldly go’ like the star ship Enterprise in Startrek!

Horoscopes for April 2018

Horoscopes for April 2018  

Aries ♈   21st March – 20th April

You may face delays, which can be frustrating, but offer you a chance to plan how to use your energy and time wisely. From the 16th, with a new Moon in your sign, you should have a green light to move forward and break free from recent restrictions but you may still need to go steadier than you would like.

Taurus ♉ 20th April – 21st May

Venus planet of love slips gracefully into your life offering contentment, don’t get too comfortable will you Taurus?  From the 20th you are likely to feel more energetic and socially active, don’t be surprised if you get invitations to parties, talks or events.

Gemini 21st May – 21st June

In early April you may feel misunderstood, don’t worry, from the 15th Mercury moves forward, so communication should flow more easily. In the last week, Venus, planet of love and friendship brings fun and sweetness to Gemini.

Cancer ♋ 21st June- – 22nd July

Have you been feeling responsible for others lately Cancer? This is due to Saturn in your opposite sign. Around the 16th you may have a shake up; although uncomfortable at first, this could herald a more emotionally independent phase where you feel re energised and ready to express yourself in new and exciting ways.

Leo ♌  22nd July- 21st August

This month starts with the Sun close to Uranus, planet of change and freedom. This is a good time to make changes Leo. Around the 23rd you may be feeling lucky and enthusiastic, but try not to get sucked into old dramas; keeping upbeat will help you achieve positive results.

Virgo ♍ 21st August- 21st September

You may feel quite introverted in the first part of the month and want to mull things over. From the 15th things should become clearer leaving you in a stronger position to act upon your ideas with passion and enthusiasm. The Moon in your sign on 24th brings emotional and family issues to light.

Libra ♎ 21st September- 21st October

Relationships are in focus for you Libra; April starts with the Moon in your sign so you may feel emotional, fortunately, Venus in Taurus helps you feel good. Around the 24th you may be in high demand with your friends, but don’t get drawn into any gossip; have fun and keep it light.

Scorpio ♏ 21st October- 21st November

Scorpio, has a long term project proved to be more demanding than you first thought? Keep the faith and remember why you started it. By the end of April the Moon and Jupiter make positive links to Neptune, so relaxing and going with the flow will help you stick to your goals.

Sagittarius ♐ 21st November- 21st December

Sagittarius, the heavens are suggesting that you slow down a bit and start looking at the details. When you do, hidden issues and secrets come to light which can be very helpful to you. Think carefully before sharing this valuable information; some things are best kept to yourself.

Capricorn♑21st December – 20th January

Capricorn, are you feeling under pressure to change and digging your heels in? Action is unavoidable but only after careful consideration. Around the 16th at the new Moon you may feel ready to act; it is wise to do so with your trade mark caution and things will fall into place. 

Aquarius ♒ 20th January – 18th February

Aquarius you have a last burst of energy to initiate changes before your ruler changes signs.  Around the 9th of the month is a time to discover and start to use untapped talents. Any creative projects will be nurturing and help you avoid unhelpful habits.  Perhaps it is time to take those singing lessons!

Pisces ♓ 19th February – 20th March

This month looks like one of new beginnings and letting go Pisces. On the 12th you may feel like issues that were once important can be forgiven. This theme will continue as Chiron the wounded healer leaves your sign on the 17th suggesting a time of renewed energy and strength.

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