Forecast for March 2018

Good Morning, it’s the first of March and a very cold St David’s Day.

I have been busy writing a forecast for all the sun signs for this month. Mars, the planet of action is in my sign,Sagittarius.

Aries    21st March – 20th April

The first week of March should be a sociable and active time for you. However, around the 18th projects that were doing well may hit a snag, forcing you to slow down and take time to have a rethink. Around the 31st the full moon in Libra, your opposite sign, highlights the benefits of working cooperatively with others.

Taurus  20th April – 21st May

Early on this month your friends and partners may benefit from your kindness and compassion. However, from the 6th you are likely to want to spend time alone to pursue your own creative ideas; remember to nurture yourself. At the end of the month you may find that actions speak louder than words, particularly at work.

 Gemini  `21st May – 21st June

At the beginning of the month you may have an inspirational or creative idea. From around the 6th you should have the impetus to make it happen. Be aware that around the 23rd communications could get tangled, so check out details. Keep nurturing your dreams and don’t lose sight of your goal, just remember; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Cancer 21st June- – 22nd July

You may start the month feeling a bit out of sorts, as there could be problems with details that are bugging you. When looking into this, trust your instincts and don’t allow others to fob you off. Towards the end of the month a significant other could challenge you, but as we head towards April, you may find them more willing to listen and reach a compromise.

 Leo   22nd July- 21st August

As spring arrives, change is in the air Leo and you could be feeling restless. Now is a good time to start planning a trip abroad. Browsing the net looking at holidays is a great way of reminding you that summer is around the corner. Perhaps there is a long distance friend you would like to visit or meet up with?

 Virgo   21st August- 21st September

At the beginning of the month, with a full moon in your sign, you could be feeling a bit sensitive and confused.  However, hang on in there, because after the first week things should definitely become clearer leaving you feeling energetic and positive.  In the last week you may feel quite reflective and quiet.

 Libra,   21st September- 21st October

Have your daily routines been all over the place recently? If so, after the first week in March they should start to settle down. Your home life could be quite hectic from mid month and someone close may be encouraging you to be brave and challenge yourself to do what you’ve always wanted to, go for it!


Scorpio  21st October- 21st November

You may be feeling a little overstretched at the beginning of March. However, as the month progresses it should become clear what you need to let go of in order to reassess your work load. This will give you more time to concentrate on the important issues.


Sagittarius  21st November- 21st December

At the beginning of March, make the most of Mars in your sign to make things happen. From the 9th the pace should slow down a bit and this is not a bad thing. Use your energy wisely and look to the long term so you can focus on a project that is close to your heart.

 Capricorn 21st December – 20th January

Are you working towards a goal or two Capricorn? If so, you can make them happen; think big and keep your feet on the ground. Mid month, you should have a boost of energy and enthusiasm as active Mars moves into your sign.

Aquarius  20th January – 18th February

You may be quite in demand Aquarius, particularly mid month when others are likely to value your opinions and unique take on things.  Whilst the attention is always flattering, your real focus could be on a secret project which requires some hard work away from prying eyes.

Pisces  19th February – 20th March

We start March with an emphasis on Pisces including the sun, communicative Mercury and affectionate Venus all in your sign. This suggests that you may feel quite loved and appreciated at the moment. On the 2nd the full moon in your opposite sign falls into your house of relationships reminding you to consider those who are close to you.

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