Solar eclipse in Aquarius- Thursday 15th February 2018

We have a solar eclipse coming up this Thursday 15th February. Eclipses happen in pairs and the first one of this pair was on the 31st of January. Do you remember the spectacular super blue blood moon? That was the lunar eclipse when the moon was full in Leo and the first of this pair on the Leo Aquarius axis.

Now the moon is waning and when it is new on Thursday we will have a solar eclipse in Aquarius the opposite sign to Leo. This is a partial one and it is not visible from the UK.

Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs requiring us to stand tall, Leo is ruled by the sun and is creative and passionate. Aquarius is ruled by rebellious Uranus and also thorough Saturn and is about challenging boundaries and doing things in our own way.

Eclipses signify endings and beginnings so when the eclipses fall in Leo and Aquarius issues around creativity and self expression usually come to the fore. Did any issues arise for you two weeks ago around the lunar eclipse in Leo? Often at the lunar eclipse we discover what we need to change and let go of and at the solar eclipse we can begin to put this change into action. Scary but necessary! Good luck.



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