New Moon in Capricorn 2018

The first new Moon of 2018 occurred early this morning; 2.18am GMT when it joined the sun at 26 degrees of Capricorn. It forms part of a stellium (grouping of 3 or more planets) in Capricorn which is practical, serious, ambitious and industrious.

Also, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in determined and courageous Scorpio, Mars is the joint ruler of Scorpio and is powerful there. When Mars is joined by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and enthusiasm we may feel very energetic, or we could feel frustrated and angry, as this can be an emotionally volatile time.

However,we may feel the urge to do  what we have been putting off. Capricorn is ambitious,organised and in it for the long haul.So this is a good time to set realistic goals and commit to them. The planets in Scorpio suggest that it is a good time to find the courage and strength to accomplish whatever we need to, this is not easy; but it is rewarding.

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