New Moon in Sagittarius December 18th 2017

We are coming up to that phase in the month when the sun meets the moon at the same degree in the sky and we have a new moon. As the sun is in Sagittarius we will have a new moon in Sagittarius. This will be on Monday 18th December. New moons are always a time of renewal and this one forms part of a bunching of planets (stellium) in freedom loving Sagittarius. The moon in astrology represents our emotions. It is close to Saturn and Venus and making a positive aspect to Uranus. This all adds up as a message to take responsibility for our emotional needs so we can feel a sense of emotional self reliance. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, Venus is the planet of grace and love and Uranus is the planet of independence. I find it rewarding when I do something which I may doubt I can do without having to ask for help. It also makes other people’s lives easier too!


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