Winter Solstice December 2017

This December is a busy time of year astrologically as well as socially! Yesterday, Wednesday 20th December, Saturn, planet of responsibility, time, rules, restriction and hard work changed signs. It has moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn. It has been in Sagittarius for over two years. Sagittarius rules education and it is interesting to note that the law changed in 2017 so that now teenagers must stay in education until age 18.

Things should feel a bit lighter for all us Saggies as Saturn has moved out of our sign. However, Saturn has gone into its own sign of Capricorn, so these next two years will be an opportunity for us all to work and focus on what we would like to build for ourselves. Capricorn is an ambitious, focused sign which likes to plan ahead so it is time to set some firm foundations in place.

Today, Thursday 21st December, the sun follows Saturn into Capricorn.The sun’s move into Capricorn indicates the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere). It occurs at 4.29 pm GMT today. So tonight is the longest night. This is the turning point of the year, when the sun’s strength starts to increase. I wish you all a very happy festive season.

Mid winter sunrise.




New Moon in Sagittarius December 18th 2017

We are coming up to that phase in the month when the sun meets the moon at the same degree in the sky and we have a new moon. As the sun is in Sagittarius we will have a new moon in Sagittarius. This will be on Monday 18th December. New moons are always a time of renewal and this one forms part of a bunching of planets (stellium) in freedom loving Sagittarius. The moon in astrology represents our emotions. It is close to Saturn and Venus and making a positive aspect to Uranus. This all adds up as a message to take responsibility for our emotional needs so we can feel a sense of emotional self reliance. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, Venus is the planet of grace and love and Uranus is the planet of independence. I find it rewarding when I do something which I may doubt I can do without having to ask for help. It also makes other people’s lives easier too!


‘Super’ Full Moon in Gemini December 2017

Have you seen the moon recently? It was full last night and was and still is, incredibly bright. This is because this month’s full moon is a ‘Super Moon’. This occurs when the full moon coincides with its perigee position, or its nearest point to the earth. The moon’s orbit of the earth is elliptical (oval) so its distance from us varies throughout the month.

This full moon was in Gemini and highly visible all night. A full moon always rises around sun set and sets around sunrise. As it wanes it rises and sets later each day. Here in Norfolk, it rose at 4.11 pm last night and set at 8.14 am. We were lucky enough to see it setting over our neighbour’s roof this morning. This evening, it rose at 5 pm and will set at 9.24am, so have a look out for it tomorrow if it’s not too misty!

Astrologically, this is a time of reflection, Mercury planet of communication rules this full moon in Gemini and Mercury is in Sagittarius. Mercury has just stationed, ready to go backwards (retrograde) when Mercury goes retrograde communication can get tangled and plans can go awry.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini are interested in communication. Gemini likes information and Sagittarius likes the big picture, they are both adaptable but distractable mutable signs.They are also both making a hard aspect to Neptune in Pisces, another mutable sign. There may be confusion and distraction in the air, so now is a good time to assimilate information, reflect, look at things from different angles and to let events unfold before rushing to make decisions.