New Moon in Scorpio November 18th 2017

Today we start another lunar cycle with the new moon in Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter are joining the sun and moon in Scorpio, so there is quite a strong emphasis on this sign. Scorpio is in intense passionate sign, very determined and instinctual. So this is a time to ‘trust your gut’ over things, especially matters of the heart which are ruled by Venus, planet of love and relationships.

Venus is an ‘interior’ planet; it is between the earth and the sun. So from our perspective it always appears quite close to the sun. The furthest it can be away from sun is 48 degrees.

This means that whatever your sun sign Venus will either be in the same sign, the one next to it or the one beyond it. For example, as a Scorpio you could only have Venus in Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn. This is where astrology gets interesting when you start blending all the different influences.
The whole chart has to be considered, but if you have two people with sun in Scorpio; both are likely to be display Scorpio traits such as being private, determined and intuitive. However, if one of them has Venus in Sagittarius which is an open, upbeat sign they are likely to be more out going than the one with Venus in Scorpio. The Venus in Scorpio person would have a ‘double dose’ of Scorpio so is likely to be very private about affairs of the heart.


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