Saturn in Sagittarius -direct today 25th August

Today Saturn, planet of responsibility and working to achieve your goals, turns direct. This is part of a pattern, it has been retrograding (going backwards) since April 2017. When planets retrograde, it is a time to slow down and think about the issues they represent. These last four months may have been a time of struggle; Saturn it is about hard work and discipline. It is in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom, travel and learning. Sagittarians in particular may have felt as if they were getting nowhere fast. However, Saturn in Sagittarius is about learning valuable lessons, namely if you want to achieve you need to be realistic, focused and hard working. Sagittarius can be distractable and rely on luck. So this is a good time now as the goal should be in sight and Saturn reminds us to keep going and we can achieve what we need to, with a little bit of that Saggitarian good luck thrown in for good measure

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