Merry Christmas

HI there

Well Santa is nearly upon us and we are finally ready here. I always find it interesting that the run up to Christmas is when the sun is in Sagittarius- sign of expansion , long distance travel, parties and dare I say it excess!


However, the sun moves into more serious Capricorn on 21st December at the winter solstice. So Christmas day is celebrated when the sun is in Capricorn, the sign of reality, practicality and work. When I was younger I used to think this was a bit odd, but it does make sense, as Christmas day is a time of reality  and Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn are about reaping what we have sown. We finally get to see what pressies we have under the tree and whether Auntie Susan likes that scarf we took two months to knit! Providing Christmas lunch for an extended family also requires a lot of planning, preparation and work. Not to mention a motley selection of chairs and an excess of sprouts! Christmas is also a time of traditions and Capricorn is quite a traditional sign ( with a few quirks thrown in!)  I wish you all a lovely time, I have been promised Buck’s Fizz for Christmas breakfast !