Mr Trump’s victory November 9th 2016

I have been watching the political developments in the USA and was not surprised to discover that Donald Trump has won the presidential election! After a bitter and acrimonious campaign against Hilary Clinton “outsider” Donald Trump will soon become the most powerful man in the world.

Donald Trump is a quick witted, verbally adept Gemini who knows how to talk the talk. He has Mars – planet of aggression, enthusiasm and passion close to  his ascendant, they are both in Leo, sign of the royal lion. He has approached this contest with plenty of energy, roaring, determination and self belief. His rallying cry has been to make America great again. He won the ‘rust belt’ of America, an area of industrial decline which many people did not think would be possible. The general feeling is that he has won by appealing to people’s emotions- he has three planets in empathetic and clannish Cancer. They are; Mercury, planet of communication, Venus, planet of charm and Saturn, planet of fear, responsibility and structure. It seems to me that he has appealed to people’s sense of insecurity (Cancer is about security, your home land) and desire for change. He has Uranus, planet of change next to his sun – planet of self identity suggesting that he embraces change. It is in the 10th house, of social standing and career. This is a fitting position for a man who is looking to be an agent of change. He is billed as the outsider; someone who is different from the norm, he has certainly used the fact that he is not part of the political establishment to his advantage.

I also looked at Hillary Clinton’s chart, she is close in age to him and is a Scorpio, she also has her Mars, planet of aggression in Leo and the battle for top position has been theatrical and dramatic! I also looked at the results and Hillary actually had more votes than Donald; Hillary had 59,591,635 votes (47.7%) and Donald had 59,355,496 votes (47.5%). However, because of the way the system works; the presidential candidate needs 270 electoral college votes to win. Donald had 279 and Hillary only 228 so he was the winner.

I calculated a chart for the time when it was definite that Donald Trump had won. This was 8.04 am GMT 09/11/2016 this translates as 3.04 am in Manhattan where he was at the time. Libra, sign of balance and harmony was rising, this tallies with the idea that Americans who voted for him want to redress the balance. Jupiter, planet of increase and expansion was in the first house just about to rise, this indicates faith and hope for a brighter future. Donald Trump was born with Jupiter in Libra and is about to have his 6th Jupiter return, usually a positive time for the individual.

In the chart for the result, the Sun and Mercury were in the 2nd house of values in Scorpio. This suggests that Donald’s supporters value their sense of identity and may feel that is is under threat, they want their voice to be heard and they want lasting change. This message is repeated by Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is about change of the establishment (Capricorn) in the 4th house, the home country. Another stand out image for me is the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is a very idealistic placement and suggests that his supporters voted emotionally and could have become swept away by these feelings. The moon also represents the public. These are definitely times of change and it will be interesting to see what unfolds.