Do you fancy learning astrology?

Do you fancy learning astrology? If so come and join in these fun and informative sessions.

Astrology Sessions in Foulsham, Norfolk

LENGTH – 6 weeks

COST- £50 per person.

DAY- Wednesdays

TIME- 7.30 – 9pm.

START DATE – Wednesday 8th June.

Course content

We will learn about the 12 zodiac signs and the planets.

If you are interested in this fascinating subject please contact me on

Solar Eclipse in Pisces; go with the flow…

Solar Eclipse

There’s a solar eclipse tomorrow morning at 1.58am GMT. It won’t be visible in the UK. Its path will travel across the Indian Ocean and into the Pacific Ocean. It will be total over parts of Indonesia and partial in parts of South and East Asia and Northern and central Australia.

Eclipses occur at new moons and are times of endings and beginnings. This one is in Pisces, the sign of illusion, confusion, compassion and surrender. Chiron, the planetoid which represents wounding and healing is also currently in Pisces. So is Neptune, god of the seas and ruler of Pisces.

Consequently, this is good time to go with the flow. If you feel that hurtful behaviours, feelings and beliefs are holding you back, now is an ideal time to release them and to foster compassion towards ourselves and others. This is easier said than done, for me, it’s a bit like jumping into a swimming pool, scary but worth it! I find meditation helpful and like Jason Stephenson’s meditations, he has a soft Australian voice and plays lovely music. My current favourite is the Surrender Meditation which is very appropriate at such a Piscean time. This is Jason’s website.

Here’s to surrender!

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