Which planet most influences you?

I was recently reading an article by Donna Cunningham in The Mountain Astrologer, which is an excellent American astrology magazine. Donna has a fantastic blog called Skywriter full of great articles including a series of tests which you can do to see the planetary influences in your birth chart.

Each planet  has its own test, the sun and moon have higher points than the other planets as they have the most influence in a birth chart. Basically, you need a copy of your birth chart including an aspect table then you follow the test awarding yourself points as instructed.

I wasn’t surprised to discover that my highest scoring planet was the moon; I have moon in Cancer, and it makes loads of aspects to other planets in my chart. However, I was amazed at the score – 85 points. This is mega high considering as Donna rates over 40 as “off the charts!” I did check it, I am a Sagittarius, and we are inclined to be a little slap dash at times…  but even so. Eighty five!! I was heartened to know that there are other very lunar people out there.

As a lunar type I am caring, home loving, and nurturing. I am also intuitive and instinctual, but not too clever when it comes to logic as my Gemini husband will confirm – with exasperation. I’ve learnt (often the hard way) that if I listen to my intuition and act on it – Cancer is a sign of action – then I will be fine.

However, if I try and think my way out of things – or really just try and justify my own or others’ actions – then I get in a muddle! So my new year’s promise to myself is to follow my intuition and not just ignore it!

If you would like to have a go with the tests then follow this link to Skywriter tests and join in the fun.

Happy astro exploring, Claire

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