Merry Christmas from Broad Sky Astrology

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. The moon will be almost full tonight, the precise time of 100% fullness is 11:13 am on Christmas Day and it won’t be visible then in the UK as it sets at  7.30 am. However, it will be high and bright tonight, at the moment it is in Gemini, the sign of the messenger and at 5:28 am it will move in to home loving Cancer. What a great night for Santa to fly on! He shouldn’t have to rely on Rudolph’s nose this year.

Season’s greetings, Claire

New Moon in Sagittarius

Today we start a new lunar cycle with the moon and sun both together in enthusiastic Sagittarius. The new moon always occurs in the same zodiac sign as the sun. So we always have a Sagittarian new moon phase this time of year which is very appropriate for all the enthusiastic spending and merry making which occurs around now. It is easy to overdo things in this phase- Sagittarius is good at getting carried away and not always too good with details. However, it is a great time for having fun. However, this year sobering, sensible Saturn is in Sagittarius so maybe this will calm us a down little and help us to keep a more sensible head than usual.

However, Sagittarius is more than just a party animal, he is also a philosopher and truth seeker, so this new month could also provide an opportunity for further learning .

Sagittarius is also the sign of the long distance traveller searching out different and exciting cultures. Many people travel at Christmas for a variety of reasons, to return home from different countries, or to go on holiday. Sounds like we are all likely to be quite busy over the festive period! Capricorn, the sign of sensible reason follows Sagittarius. The sun will move there in the early morning of 22nd December perhaps giving us time to reflect on all our activities and to work hard to organise that all important Christmas lunch!!