Moon Workshop – almost here

Hi there

It’s the 12th November and the moon workshop is in two days’ time. I’m ready to roll and getting excited about it; looking forward to meeting new people and sharing my passion.

Talking of passion, we have just had a new moon in Scorpio (yesterday 11th November), Scorpio is a very intense sign, it is ruled by Pluto, one of ‘The Gods of Change’ to quote¬†Howard Sasportas-¬†this is the title of an excellent book by him. I have a very well thumbed copy on my shelf. So now is the time of year when we can release the outmoded and unwanted and embrace the new with courage ( Scorpio is co ruled by Mars, the planet of courage).The 12th November is also a special day for me as it was the birthday of my Grandmother, Edith . She was a typical Scorpio, intense, passionate and not one to be crossed. Luckily for me we got on well..





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