Mercury turns direct tomorrow- Friday 9th October

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Have you been suffering from delays, confusion, forgotten dates and general communication difficulties? It may be that you have been affected by Mercury’s retrograde period. Retrograde means that it appears to us on earth as if Mercury is going backwards through the sky.

All planets except the luminaries do this at some stage (yes astrologers refer to the sun and moon as planets even though we know that they are not!) The sun and moon never appear to go backwards from earth. However, all the other planets do appear to do this at some stage because they orbit the sun at different speeds to us. Mercury is much faster than earth; it orbits the sun in 88 days and as it overtakes us it sometimes appears to be going backwards, it is an illusion.

Periods of Mercury retrograde occur three or four times a year and last around three weeks each time. This recent period started on 17th September and ends tomorrow 9th October. These times have a bad reputation for confusion and muddled communication. However, I quite like it when Mercury goes retrograde, as it does have its advantages. It is a good time for contemplation, introspection and for finishing things that have been hanging around. Mercury will next be retrograde from 5th to 24th January 2016 so we have a clear run up to Christmas when communication should run smoother than it has been doing. Perhaps my local post office will have a phone line tomorrow; it was down today meaning I had to make an extra journey. (Post offices, phones and short journeys are all ruled by Mercury)¬†Luckily I wasn’t in a hurry, as that’s when Mercury retrograde can be very troublesome!

Happy communications


Another chance to come to my Moon workshop – Saturday 14th November.

Hi there,

My Moon workshop was yesterday in Swaffham at a lovely venue, The Green Parrot health food shop; and everything went off well. I’d like to thank everyone who attended and I hope you all had an enjoyable day. If you missed it and were unable to come (as I know this was the case for some people) I’m running it again on Saturday 14th November in The Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane,Toftwood Dereham NR19 1LD. It is 10am – 4pm and costs ¬£55 with a light lunch and refreshments. Another person is organising it so please contact me and I will put you in touch.