Lunar Eclipse September 28th 2015

As promised, I am writing about the second eclipse in September. It is two weeks after the solar eclipse on the morning of Monday 28th September when the moon is full- lunar eclipses are always on a full moon. Again, the earth, sun and moon are aligned but this time the earth and moon have swapped places and the earth is between the moon and the sun.

Consequently the earth’s shadow falls onto the full moon making it appear red. The good news is that this is a total eclipse of the moon; but the bad news for those of us in the UK who like our beds is that it’s at silly o’clock in the morning. The maximum is at 3.37am BST ; uh oh, if skies are clear it will make a good spectacle for all the night workers and early risers! Will one them be me…? Well if I want to see another one I’ll have to wait until Wednesday 31st January 2108 at 20 52 pm.

Lunar eclipses are again associated with endings and consequently new beginnings. They are a good time to asses our emotional life. Astrologically the full moon is in Aries as the sun is in Libra – the full moon is always in the opposite sign to the sun. This suggests that issues regarding the self (Aries) may be highlighted. We may feel an urgent need to find our true desires and make positive action to achieve them. However, we will have to consider other people as the sun is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. Interestingly enough, the last lunar eclipse in April 2015 was the other way round to this month’s. In April the moon was in Libra opposing sun in Aries. This suggests that we may now need to revisit issues which arose in the spring . Perhaps we were considering things then which we can finally act upon. However, we will still need to find a way to meet our own needs in a way which can work in with others. This can be a tricky act!!

Happy moon watching Claire

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