Yes, I saw the eclipse of the super moon

Well, I saw it hooray! The supermoon eclipse, a beautiful rusty red edged with silver. I got up around 3.45 just on totality and knew it was happening as it had been so startlingly bright earlier in the night and it was dark when I woke. My son insisted on seeing it so we both peered out of his bedroom window and were rewarded with a lovely view. He, satisfied with this went back to sleep. I just had to creep out in to the garden to take photos (not good) and absorb the magical atmosphere (very good).

It’s still fantastic tonight, I saw it as it was rising and it appeared as a golden orb, floating just above the road, brighter than the street lights.  It has risen now and is scattering silver everywhere.

Lunar Eclipse September 28th 2015

As promised, I am writing about the second eclipse in September. It is two weeks after the solar eclipse on the morning of Monday 28th September when the moon is full- lunar eclipses are always on a full moon. Again, the earth, sun and moon are aligned but this time the earth and moon have swapped places and the earth is between the moon and the sun.

Consequently the earth’s shadow falls onto the full moon making it appear red. The good news is that this is a total eclipse of the moon; but the bad news for those of us in the UK who like our beds is that it’s at silly o’clock in the morning. The maximum is at 3.37am BST ; uh oh, if skies are clear it will make a good spectacle for all the night workers and early risers! Will one them be me…? Well if I want to see another one I’ll have to wait until Wednesday 31st January 2108 at 20 52 pm.

Lunar eclipses are again associated with endings and consequently new beginnings. They are a good time to asses our emotional life. Astrologically the full moon is in Aries as the sun is in Libra – the full moon is always in the opposite sign to the sun. This suggests that issues regarding the self (Aries) may be highlighted. We may feel an urgent need to find our true desires and make positive action to achieve them. However, we will have to consider other people as the sun is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. Interestingly enough, the last lunar eclipse in April 2015 was the other way round to this month’s. In April the moon was in Libra opposing sun in Aries. This suggests that we may now need to revisit issues which arose in the spring . Perhaps we were considering things then which we can finally act upon. However, we will still need to find a way to meet our own needs in a way which can work in with others. This can be a tricky act!!

Happy moon watching Claire

Two eclipses in September – 1 solar eclipse

We are having two eclipses in September 2015. Eclipses happen when the moon, sun and earth are all aligned. The first one was this morning; Sunday 13th September at 7;55am BST and was a partial solar eclipse. This happens when the moon is between the earth and the sun, and the moon obscures the sun from earth.

Depending on the angle we can have a total eclipse where the moon is exactly in the right position to block out the sun completely, or we can have partial eclipses where the moon blocks out part of the sun. On September 13th the moon covered a maximum of 30% of the sun as seen from the earth. This spectacle was not visible in Europe and could only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere; from South Africa,Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and the Northern part of Antarctica.

However, although we couldn’t see this event in the UK it still has an influence astrologically. This eclipse is on a new moon (solar eclipses always are) in health conscious, analytical Virgo and opposite Chiron, the wounded healer in Pisces, a very spiritual, universal sign. Solar eclipses are a time for endings and new beginnings. So this eclipse suggests a time of healing and release.

The next one is in two weeks time and is a lunar eclipse with the moon in energetic Aries and the sun in balanced Libra. See my next post for details..


Broad Sky Astrology at Kings Lynn

Hi there, my visit to Spiritual Flow at Dereham went well and I met lots of new and interesting people and had a good day. I am attending another Spiritual Flow Event. This one is at  King’s Lynn on Saturday 12th September and am talking about Saturn- my talk is entitled Rounds in The Ring with Saturn at 3pm in Demonstration Hall 1. IMG_20150906_153241I will be taking bookings for the Mysterious Moon workshop on Saturday 3rd October at Swaffham. I’m looking forward to this event and hope to see you there.