A visit to Bristol and a look at Isambard Kingdom Brunel

We  recently visited Bristol for a few days. We had a great time and went across the Clifton Suspension Bridge designed by one of my heroes; Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We also found several appropriately decorated Shaun the Sheep dotted around the city; Bristol’s answer to Norwich’s dragons.

I looked at Brunel’s birth chart; he was born at 0; 55 on 9th April 1806 in Portsmouth UK. This makes him an Aries with Sagittarius rising and moon in Sagittarius. He had a very fiery chart suggesting an enthusiastic visionary. Most of his planets fall in the Eastern hemisphere of his chart (left hand side) again suggesting a self motivated energetic pioneering individual.  Indeed he was a pioneer and designed the first steam powered transatlantic ship the Great Western which also won the Blue Ribband for fastest transatlantic crossing. He then went on to design the Great Britain the first iron hulled propeller driven ship to cross the Atlantic. He was also courageous and actively involved in building his designs and was not afraid of dangerous situations. Indeed, he was injured and almost drowned as a young man whilst working as assistant engineer in the Thames Tunnel. Later he was hurt in a fire on the Great Western but this did not deter him.

He is famous for his works on bridges, tunnels and viaducts designed and constructed for the Great Western Railway where he became chief engineer in 1833. He transformed Victorian Britain and created lasting structures that are still in use today. Unfortunately, the building of the Clifton Suspension Bridge was delayed due to riots and then a lack of funds so Brunel didn’t live to see it finished. It  was completed after his death as a tribute to him, the design was altered from his original specifications but the bridge  is attributed to him.

He was known to be a workaholic existing on about 4 hours’ sleep a night. Jupiter, planet of expansion rules his chart and is in hard working and ambitious Capricorn. It is interesting that inventive Uranus is conjunct Saturn planet of building and time in Libra in his 10th house, the house of career. Mercury which rules the mind is in Taurus, another earth sign so it is fitting that he was an engineer creating buildings, they are also very attractive and Venus planet of beauty rules both Libra and Taurus.

He was known as a very kind person and had Venus, planet of love and friendship in Pisces, a very gentle and loving placement. Unfortunately he died at 53 from a stroke but packed an awful lot in to his life and provided a lasting legacy for Great Britain!




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