The sun has just moved into the sign of Gemini, a good time for me to start writing about astrology as Gemini is the sign of communication, ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

Gemini is an air sign which loves to discuss and debate ideas. Geminis are often witty, restless and analytical, they like information for its own sake, it doesn’t have to be true.

At the moment Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are also in Gemini making it a great time for communication; appropriately exams are held annually at this time of year.

Jupiter spends approximately a year in each sign and it is about to leave Gemini and head into Cancer. Jupiter expands whatever it meets and whilst it has been in Gemini (since June 2012) cycling (a very Mercurial activity) has greatly increased in popularity and Britain’s cyclists were incredibly successful with Victoria Pendleton and Bradley Wiggins gaining medals in the Olympics and Bradley Wiggins also won the Tour de France.

So it’s good time to make the most of all this activity and if you don’t have to take any exams, get chatting, writing or cycling! If you are taking exams, use the clear, logical energy of Mercury to help you think things through carefully, but try not to fall into the Gemini trap of getting distracted.

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